Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Accords and a Thief

Two brand new Honda Accord were stolen on the same night, on the same street, from two houses fronting each other.

Within 30 ft away from each other.

You would never have thought that these two cars, bought just a couple of months apart, would be lost on the same night, minutes apart, I presume. Mind you, cars were packed to the beam in the porch of both houses, and the thieves - I presume there are at least two - managed to maneuver both cars out with only minor scratches on the cars left behind.

And without waking up occupants of both houses. They only realized that they were left poorer at 7 am, when they were ready to leave for work.

How the thieves opened up the remote controlled gate is anyone's guess.

Both houses are only 2 doors apart from mine. Luckily I think I have nothing of interest to the thieves, but we are taking precautions nonetheless. My 15-year old Ford was parked on the street, and would be an easier target and yet they were not interested in it, I guess. I wonder why. ;-) Half of my heart was saying please take it and spare me of my agony whenever it breaks down, but I am sure Arif and Akmal would not want that to happen.

But I do wonder, even with the proliferation of security agents manning the entrance of our housing area and everywhere else, these sort of things seems to be on the rise. Why am I paying lots of money monthly to have 24-hour security, when thefts are done blatantly?

Nothing is safe anywhere anymore.


  1. In some cases that I know the management give peanut and of course they get monkey to be the jaga. There are cases where that poor jaga are not paid for two months. Some of these jaga are retired folks who simply should not be employed in such jobs. So what do you except of such situation.

  2. hmm check this info. Similar story happen to a neighbour of my friend. After a police report was made, nly to found it was repossession process by the bank in wee hour of 3am. kira kes tak bayar bank dah 6 bulan :) no prejudice here

  3. In our case, Pak Idrus, the guards are typically well built young men of Nepali origin. But despite that, as long as you salute or wave your hand acknowledging them, you would be able to pass through.

    Im a bit tired of paying my dues to have guard there anymore.

    Yes, some of these cases are quite well documented, the way you mentioned. But I thought typically it would happened during broad day light and many in the presence of the owner.

    But still, the fact we would sleep through it is a bit discomforting though.