Monday, May 17, 2010

Wind Beneath My Wings

I have many favourite teachers in my 11 years at school, teachers I would look back with fondness. My three teachers from SRJK(I) Lenggong would always be there despite the distance in time. My KE teachers were a bit strict, except for may be Mrs Wong. You would probably know some of fav teachers in Kota Bharu based on the previous entry.

Obviously I am not able to be in touch with all of them, some of their contact info was lost when I lost my cellphone.

So this morning, I was able to send text messages to only three of them; very early this morning. I do wish I had not lost the other numbers as I was sure I would get a response from them on this auspicious day.

My text messages are simple greeting wishing them a Happy Teachers' Day and thanking them for their dedication and for the fact they had all touched my life. No poems or songs to go along with that, though I wish I am talented enough to be doing that. I would like to share with you the response I got from them.

Cikgu Nik Faridah:
Tq Rahman. Having a student like you made it all so berbaloi2. Class 85-89 hosted a Teachers' Day at MRSM last night.

Cikgu Dr Fatanah:
Tk kerana mengingati. Kudoakan kebahagianmu muridku sayang.

Cikgu Faridah/Hizam:
Tq for remembering us on this special day. It was our pleasure to have taught you. We are so proud of u!

See how powerful simple greetings were. A simple smile generate thousands of smiles.

And I am still blushing...

PS To my friends yang kenal tiga-tiga cikgu ni, jangan jeles. ;-)


Here is the lovely Colleen Hewett, the original singer of Wind Beneath My Wings. In 1983 I was so in love with this song and of course the singer herself. ;-) She hails from Bendigo, a small country town in the state of Victoria - may be three to fours drive from Melbourne, if I am not mistaken.

Personally I was displeased with Bette Midler for stealing this song in 1991 - as much as I was displeased with Broery for stealing Sudir's songs in 1978. To me, this song is Colleen's song, and hers only and her powerful and emotional rendition of it made Bette Midler's version pale in comparison.

I wish I had written the song, but in any case, it's dedicated to all my teachers that have touched my life from primary to secondary. Thank you all from the depth of my heart.

Please excuse the quality though. This is the only version existed in Youtube.

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