Friday, December 10, 2010

Hari Ini Tak Seindah Semalam

A lovely song from Rahman Kadir, bukan Rahman Hariri ;-)

This, I believe, came from 1975 or earlier, as I remember listening to this song in my bed in Aulong. Yeah, we would normally fight for the old radio as that would be our only source of entertainment (record or vinyls on special nights only). Though I have to admit during those days, it was not hip to listen to this song, or admit you like this song.

I have been looking for this song on Youtube but did not find it. I have not heard of it for decades. Until 'terangbulan' gave me the mp3. And I have just uploaded it last night.

Enjoy. Thanks terangbulan, whoever you are.

Oh by the way, the original song is by Teresa Teng singing a Japanese number, Airport.

Here is Teresa Teng's version.

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