Thursday, December 16, 2010

The making of a songwriter?

I am quite please with Akmal's progress as a pianist. Not only he is able to read notes, like all good musicians should be, he can also play by ears. With that skills he can practically play any song he likes, or more importantly, any song I like! ;-)

And he is getting used to writing his own song. For a teenager, I am quite impressed with his compositions. It is nice, and soothing.

Enjoy here "Two Volumes of One Book."

Don't ask me how he got to naming this song this unique name.

By the way, the song is protected by My Free Copyright.

The question now would be how to write the lyric for this song and who can we get to sing it so that many more would be able to enjoy it.


  1. dia sangat berbakat.saya sangat kagum terhadap dia !rasa mcm nk suro dia jd tutor piano saya je.^_^

  2. ;-) thanks for your comment and faith..