Saturday, December 11, 2010

Twenty Thousand Views Later


I guess I owe a very dear friend of mine an apology for not updating the blog for nearly a month. I had just told a cousin of mine who has just started blogging that, every now and then, we bloggers are allowed to go on sabbatical leaves and leave the blog to the element.

Bersawang dan berhabuk, I guess.

This dear friend of mine from my primary school days decided to call me two days ago while I was still recovering from my Hijrah fever, and asked me if I am ok. I was taken aback as other than sleeping over the whole day last Wednesday due to my fever, I could not be better. Apparently noting that  I have not updated my blog for quite a while - perhaps the longest since I started blogging, he was worried that something might have happened.

(I think I should start giving the passwords to Arif/Akmal, just in case! ;-)

You could not get a more concerned friend than Zaki. Thanks a million Ki.

Twenty Thousand Views Later

We first started uploading their videos from slightly more than a year and a half ago - actively about 6 months ago. We were doing it for Hari Ibu then, and thought that just for the record, we should back our video over the net. We weren't bothered if anyone would view them, or for that matter, appreciate them.

Every now and then we would get comments, but they were few and far in between, and rare. So when there was one, we would be elated, but we would not be waiting with bated breath for more to come.

Until Bila Cinta, that is.

I was on my way to the office early one when I was taken by the song sung by Filianti Vlee with a wonderful piano arrangement back her fragile voice. Immediately I knew Akmal has to cover this song.

Now over a period of two and a half months, the video is so far, and by far, our best viewed video over at Youtube. Twenty thousands views - that's right 20,000 views, 58 likes, 65 comments and favourited 47 times. This is our best selling performance so far, so to speak. It helps that the song is brand new and has become quite a hit with the youngsters out there.

The fact that Akmal plays it in accordance to the arrangement of the original, note for note, helps boost the popularity of the performance.

With that too, he got a few propositions wanting him to join their band, and many wanting him to perform certain songs of their liking. From the many requests, one has agreed to pay Akmal to perform a minus one since he wants to use it for performing in a competition. We charged him too cheap actually; it is not a money making venture (yet) for us. We just want others to appreciate the time and effort required to perform; that's all.

I thought to commemorate the 20,000 views of the Bila Cinta video, I should post all the 60 odd comments in our Youtube channel.

But Richard Clayderman and Vanessa Mae? Hmm, I wish, but I don't think so. Still a long long way, we know that.

Amin, in any case. It is a doa, right? ;-)

Here is the video again, just in case you have missed it. And the comments below it. In the lifetime of this blog, I would not be able to generate as many comments.

All Comments (65)

  • Oh Dear...that's wonderful walaupun ada hiccup sikit. Y not both of you produce instrumental album. Ini satu lagi problem dgn Malaysian market. Lambat nak iktiraf beautiful piece like this. Both of you, brothers can be the next richard clyderman + vanessa may putt it together.
  • can i use this for my cover... best lahh ur instrumental
  • @suesupperladyy Boleh. Nanti dah post, bgtau. :-D
  • kalau nak pinjam instrumental ni buat cover boleh?
  • @wahana3115803 Silakan. Kalau dah post nanti, bgtau ;-D
  • best syabas!
  • you main memang best lah . i suke sgtt ..
    but , Al-Quran ? oh . kesian dea . piano tu lagi tggi dr kedudukan quran kat tepi tu .
    and you main dgn kedudukan you lagi tggi dari al-Quran tu .
    harap dpt jge la sume tu .
  • bro bro buat tutorial pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  • Thanks all for the nice comments...notes intro lagu dan rangkap pertama ada di blog
  • tuk perhatian yg buat main piano ni...awak maen bagus dan nmpak awak berbakat..tapi gembira dan riang pada kaum hawa diluar sana kerana awak main lagu ni guna original key note fifi...knp tak buat tuk kaum adam pulak versi gio note..sebab mmg ramai giler yg kat luar sana tertungu tunggu minus one nie tp mmg takder.....i hope u can play this song tuk versi lelaki ok...tolonggggg lahhhhhhh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
  • @walkmansub nama pianist Akmal Hariri seperti dalam tajuk video diatas. Versi Gio dah byk orang lain cover. Arrangement dia simpler and lebih senang sikit, tp lebih sedap arrangement Fili, sb tu Akmal main versi ini. Tak salah kan buat kaum Hawa happy? ;-D
  • @dynsim yg gio pnyr buatkn lar jgk... nk dgr jgk awk pnyr version....
  • sifu, bole tnya tak brpa harga digital piano yg sifu main dlm video bila cinta tu?teringin nak beli yg tu la...
  • hey....this song had some memories with my late girlfriend that had just past away...hope u can really give me the piano notes for...i've been searching for it...thanks a lot :,(
  • best giler..feeling la dengan lagu ni...
  • Love this song..=)
    Keep it up.
  • pergh...nak beli piano la lepas nih..
  • bro..gila..sebiji bunyi piano ko ni dgn yg asal..kagum aku.
  • wooooo...I Love This...slut U...
  • hmmm... sentimental music....
  • WOW.....congratulations!!!'s astounding.........I can't even believe it with my own 2 amazing!!!!! i love it so much.....damn it, wish i could play this piece on piano notoriously on guitar........U got FB??? can i pls add u?...PEACE
  • sebiji owh..yg real pnya..hihi..LIKE THIS..
  • nice :) i love video with lyrics ;D
  • nice :) i love video with lyrics ;D
  • ada tab x?
  • waaaahhh...bwat la tutorial!! T_T na blaja~~
  • ade x piano sheet utk lagu ni?please...suke la lagu ni...
  • wah hebat nya...huhuhu nak belajar main piano gak lar bila besar nanti
  • wow... great!!
  • almost like the original version. love it.. ada sheet music dia tak ?
  • almost like the original version.. love it. do you have the sheet music?
  • bestnya, can you do a "how to play this song" on Youtube? so that we can play... easy version la
  • ok bro. u rox. i love it! it's almost PERFECT!.
  • i sebenarnya ikhlas nak chords for this song . if you can share, u wont mind ? :)
    you played really nice , well done.
  • best giler....
  • Hie there! I am a fan of instrumentals. I sing to the songs that I love to sing. I hope you don't mind if I am using your instrumental piece in some of my video covers that I am singing to. I'm Emma. Your instrumental is superb! <3
  • please, please, please make a tutorial for this cover *menanti dengan hati yang tabah*
  • Care to do a tutorial vid for this? It's really awesome :)
  • cdey......
  • salam bro..ade band? leh la joint band hamba utk wedding event??
  • perghhh!!!!
    gempak la mal
    ko ajar aku yg len ley x...
    intro aku ley wat...
    part yg verse 2 tu je....
    aku x reti kot..
  • @lft94 HAHA thx lufti :DDD ajar?? come to my house then I'll teach you :DD
  • nnty aku dtg..
  • bro! can you make a tutorial on this song? i can't read your chord. hope you want to make the tutorial bro! please! hehe :)
  • heelooo, can u give me the piano pieces for this song!! i would really appreciate it!!! pleaseee...u played amazing...
  • terbaik la bro..
    hahah..ajar skit..
  • bleh bg not lagu ni tak......please....
  • besh giler...!i suker sangt..boleh buat kan i lagu hati yang kau sakiti x??by rossa,tp yg slow version punya;)
  • @mamJL77 : dasyat tu la lagu ni........hati boleh jd cair tul.......
  • awak ade notes die for this song? kalau ade, boleh passkan? thanks :)
  • wow!!! i dh lama cari munus one / intrumental lagu ni utk wat show tp xjmpe...anyway thanx akmal hariri....klu ada yg more perfect, upload lg ye....
  • wow!!! i dh lama cari munus one / intrumental lagu ni utk wat show tp xjmpe...anyway thanx akmal hariri....klu ada yg more perfect, upload lg ye....

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