Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini

Actually what makes Sudir so special is the fact that he had touched the lives of millions of Malaysians in no small way; and like no other, if I may add. I am sure that many of us can find one or two or more songs of Sudirman we can relate to, or for a fan(atic) like me, all of his songs and albums!

When his first LP was released in 1978, the songs that got most of the air play were "Kasih" and "Aku Penghiburmu"; but my attention was centred on "Maya". Even if it was a copyrighted song (Read: ciplak, but a beautiful one at that, I must admit), it was very popular those days.

Not that I know of anyone of that name anyway.

In the late 80s, there was one album that produced at least 2 great songs - "Merisik Khabar", a song written by Manan Ngah, and "Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini", written by sifu - who else? - M. Nasir. While Merisik Khabar won him third place in Muzik Muzik, and Best Performer, Milik Siapakah Gadis Ini generated rave reviews from fans through-out the country minus the official recognition.

Then TV3 would not allow foreigner albeit one by the name of M Nasir to compete on its program, which was a shame really as it would have definitely been a top 3 song of that year. It even spawned a TV mini-series then, starring one Eman Manan.

I remember this song well as it was last song Sudirman released just before I got married.

A friend of mine recently confessed that he held this song close to his heart. He went on to explain the reason why. I was touched by his story, not because I am an incurable romantic - jauh panggang dari api, but more so due the fact that here is another example of how Sudirman had touched the lives of Malaysians from all walk of life; young and old. In my case, I was 13 when he first appeared on the scene; was 17 when he made it really big in 1980 with his two LP releases; and was in early twenties when this song was released, so basically I grew up with Sudirman, and his songs.

He however was 10 then, but old enough I guess to have a crush on someone (Errr, bro, am I saying the right thing here?). This song made it more memorable. He said, "I was in Std 4 at that time, didn’t really listen to English songs (I was a bookworm back then), and one of the distinct Malay song that still haunted me goes like…”Milik siapakah gadis ini…wajah lembut bagaikan sutera….” by Sudirman…..had a crush on a girl a year younger, but back then I was so bashful, so we just traded glances."

I guess it still makes his heart flutter, everytime he hears this song!

This one for you, Hasnor.

Or if you prefer the recorded version, here is one (Mekar Sejambak 1988).



Just in case you are wondering, I do have Hasnor's permission to use his story. And just to make sure he won't sue me for this, this is not any Hasnor you know!

Thanks bro.


  1. haha...well written bro...I'm sure I'll receive some flak from Fadzrul when he read this..

    To be honest, till this day I can still remember the face of the girl that I'd a crush on...when she looked at you with her big brown eyes, terasa sampai kat hati bebb...

  2. Uh oh, no wonder. Ah well, can't blame you for remembering.

    I am working on an entry on why people remember what people remember.

    And the next time, I'll write a piece on him too!

  3. heh...she was tall and slender for an 11 year old...and she always tied her long hair in the ponytail way (till now I have a thing on ponytails)...she has a beautiful face, large piercing eyes and high cheekbones...and she was pretty bashful, didn't talk a two bashful person together memang la tak ke mana jawabnya...but she did sign my autograph book on the my last day in school...too bad I can't find it...

    Well, I've always have a knack on good looking girls..heh

  4. Woi, woit, this is turning out to be a full confession ni! Hahaha, Are you sure you are anonymous here? Afterall you have mentioned another person's name and someone may put the two and two together...

    Anyway you mentioned a year younger, so I thought she was 9; so she is a year older at 11 I guess.

    TUlah, next time you have to go to a boy's school, and play rugby like your boss and me and have no time for gals then! ;-)