Monday, February 18, 2008

My first election ceramah of 2008

And no, I am not the one giving the ceramah.

If not for my neighbour informing me of the occasion, I would have missed my first election ceramah at Bukit Anggerek in Cheras last night.

I have to admit that while I had made up my mind on which party(ies) I would be voting in the upcoming GE, I could not totally justify my decision, intellectually that is. I don't really know if they have solid program if they were to take over the country after March 8.

But I am now convinced that they indeed have a program and a plan on managing the country out of the current doldrums.

I first saw him in a kuliah subuh somewhere in Kota Bharu in 1976 - Nilam Puri, perhaps. I must say I was impressed with his oratory skills. I guess as a teen then, I would rather go to sleep after subuh, but he kept me awake that morning.

Last night, I was similarly impressed by another orator whom I could consider as the youngish person I saw in 1976, then as the president of ABIM. His style and language - verbal and body-wise - reminds me of him. His was fiery and full of facts - facts that would be useful in the upcoming GE.

I must also say that I have never been impressed by anyone speaking or presenting anything in 100% Malay
languange, but I must admit I was very impressed with the delivery.

I am convinced it is time for a change (though I have to say I have known that for a long time, but now I am more resolved for it to happen).

He hold the fort while waiting for the main man to come from another ceramah in Kerinchi.

And I must say that the crowd were eating out of his hand when he started his speech at 11 pm. While the facts are a repeat of the earlier orator, but the delivery could not have been much different. He had the crowd in stitches, but he quickly reminded that the message was more important than all the jokes.

The kids were there till the end - around 12.15 am, even though it would be a schooling day tomorrow (today). That was their first introduction to the democracy system of Malaysia. We had to sit underneath the stars, luckily on a dry padang at Bukit Anggerek, barely 5 mins from our home. No cosy chair in a airconditioned dewan for us, and the kids didn't complain at all.

I must record it here too that while I am impressed with the crowd turnout, I am equally impressed with the racial makeup of the attendees. While I know the padang is filled with people, I can't for the life of me estimate the numbers. I can say I have not seen the crowd on this side of Cheras for a long long time.

It bodes well for the future of the nation.

The carnival atmosphere at the ceramah last night.

And what good is it without the traffic?

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