Friday, May 29, 2009

Dimana kan kita cari ganti

I am hoping the kids had been practicing their repertoire for the occasion. It would be ideal to upload Dimanakan ku cari ganti, if they could do the duet quickly to commemorate this day in 1973.

I am waiting guys.

And I have been waiting since 1990 - when he was posthumously awarded a Tan Sri-ship, when the power that be would award him a Tun-ship, when we had awarded such title to the ex sleeping-PM and to much lesser mortals when this person had done more to the country than all of them put together.

Sad, isn't it? Make that pathetic to be honest. Just imagine, what had she contributed to the country to deserve a Tun-ship? Other being his sleeping partner that is!

And I can barely remember that day in May in 1973. I was in Standard 4 in Taiping; may be too young to appreciate his contribution then eventhough we had been cycling from one end of Aulong to the other end of Aulong every Friday night to watchi his movie on telly at nenek's house. I remember reading somewhere though it was gerimis when his jasad was taken to the liang lahad, seolah-olah meratapi pemergiannya. I don't know how true that was - may be it was made up to give him the legendary status. It does not matter anyhow.

His movies are being played to death 36 years on. While it shows how truly great this guy was, it also an indication of how pathetic we had become.

A society without renewal; a society living off its past.

Nothing new for me personally, I supposed, for I am just that.

Here is one song that he had foretold of himself!


I am also of the opinion that all our Sasterawan Negaras should be awarded the highest award this country can give. It should be Tun-ship and no less. A Samad Said should be Tun Samad Said, no less. These are people who have the interest of the people and wear their hearts on their sleeves and should be rewarded accordingly and not politicians.

While they are alive please!

As for the rests, just give them a Tin-ship or Tong-ship, if you know what I mean.

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