Saturday, May 9, 2009

Taking Off is Optional

But landing is compulsory!

So goes a blunt, brutal and certainly not bland humour quite famous in the aviation industry.

I guess it describes well the job of a pilot where the lives of a few hundred passengers lie in their hand. so much so that in the The Star today there is an article about how Malaysian Airlines would test their pilots every six months to ensure that they would be on top of their job.

I am glad in some way I am not one. I would think twice being an engineer or a manager if every 6 months I could lose my job if I didn't pass my test. But I guess the pilots are paid 4-5 times my pay, so I think they would not mind.

I thought piloting an aircraft is a heavy responsibility, but I didnt realize that those in the industry are full of humour, like in this BBC documentary about the lives of pilots.

Subtle British humour, I must say. And it is damn funny. I love Part 3 especially; I have not had a good laugh for a long, long time. Coffee? Tea? Only the British can do that. Hilarious.

I am glad they know that landing is compulsory!

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