Thursday, May 14, 2009

For all mothers and teachers, two songs for you

I have been asking Arif and Akmal to practice their instrument for the Mother's Day. Last year they did an Ibu duet in Shah Alam. This year I thought we should expand it a bit more to include another song that is synonymous with one's love for one's mother.

It took them about a day's practice in the end.

With Mak and their mum attending the concert sempena hari ibu, their performances might not be necessary, so I told them to record for me to upload in You Tube or my blog.

I do hope that my two kids would continue to perform and play instrument and not abandon them once to go to university or have their own career - whatever that may be.

I guess with these upload, I trust that it is not too late to wish all a Happy Mother's Day, and I guess a Happy Teacher's Day too to all..


Here is them performing Kasihnya Ibu. Wish we have a tabla or one of those gendang to make it a bit more asli oriented.

This one another PRamlee's Classic Ibu. It was original written for a trumpet I guess, but we have no trumpet player in the family (for that I guess I would need a third son, which I am not willing to have!), so we decided to make do with in-house players. At one time, I was asked by their music teacher on why I only have two sons when I should have more, since she was impressed on the kids' dedication on learning their instruments. Both of them can play the piano too and have been asking me for years to get a grandpiano for the house.

Well, no, I can't have more children just to make sure I have start a proper band. I know of people wanting to start a football team, but I had never heard of people having children to start a band.

Hahaha, may be I should have 6 to recreate BDB!

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