Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Ada 2 occasions hari ini, so kena dua entries.

Satu PMR and at the same time hari ni jugak is the birthday of a former classmate.

Since memang tak der hadiah, hehehe, so consider this one as the hadiah la.

I know lagu ni memang favourite. Ni jenuh jugak my kids dok cari nota lagu ni for the reunion tempoh hari, since one could not find anything in the market. They all have to improvise it to be able to do it. And since we did not record it then, I asked the kids if they could record it at home.

Well, it was not the best of performance from them - many mistakes here and there. I don't think they could beat the spirit when they first performed the song two weeks ago. But the fact that the pianist was sitting for PMR and the violinist was worrying about his flight on Monday, it was not too bad. I hope it is sufficient. (Mai, you need to adjust the volume of the piano a bit more, the violin is a tad too dominating.)

Nih to the person yang suka sangat lagu CP yang movie-nya dimain di Popular Cinema kat Lenggong in 1974 kalau tak silap, and yang pegi tengok the movie kat situ. I am told that you went to the cinema to watch this movie with you dad. ;-)

Nak lagi best, kena dengar the maestro and composer Idris Sardi play this song at Istana Budaya. Haunting.

May you have a long and happy life ahead of you. Amin.


Three to four months ago, K Sham asked me about this song by humming it when she came over. I had a smirk on my face when I heard it. I knew exactly what she was looking for, and for the fact that I was humming to the sales gals in Jakarta hoping that they would be able to shed a light on this song.

Betui, no ulterior motives masa tu, hehehe. Was looking for it there, thinking that it was Dua Insan Ibut not the Dua Insan by MNasir and Yunizar.

I showed it to my bro pun dia giler kjp ngan lagu ni.

What is with this song? Can someone tell me? ;-)

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