Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet

Here is the kids' interpretation of the classic from the Theme from Romeo and Juliette.

Or known to many as A Time for Us.

Again not the best of rendition by Arif on voilin and Akmal on piano, but I thought they werent that bad.

But a lovely song for sure. It was written by Henry Mancini. It topped the Billboard 100 chart for two weeks in 1969.


Here is one from the master itself Adre' Rien. This is so beautiful - the song, not the model. Well, sort of.

Well, one can't compare between the two. The first is by amatuers and the second was by professional. The skills and the instrument quality were so different. Of course the latter were backed-up by full orchestra and recorded in the studio with sophisticated equipment.

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