Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And I thought I would never see her again..

in the full splendour and glory of the song and the video clip, as I saw them in 1983.

I have been posting about this song (you can read it here) and mainly it was her singing live with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra. I love this song so much that I keep on re-posting thinking that I have not done so.

But for some reasons, I can't find the real video as I knew it then until today.

Aah, thank you Youtube. Thanks you for the person uploading. Been looking for this for years and suddenly today, here she is

She was born to sing this 1939 song.

Actually, upon further mulling, I didn't actually see the full splendour of this song back in 1983. I was expecting a B&W version of this video clip ala Casablanca. But then again, my memory was playing the trick on me.

My TV during those years is a B&W telly, so I could only be seeing this clip in B&W!

So it was an anti-climax for me to see them in colour. I still prefer if the video is b&w.

I also wrote the following on June 20, 2007.

"The video also features Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the B&W Casablanca, so it is always nostalgic to see the clip."

There was no Ingrid Bergman nor Humphrey Bogart in this video clip and there was no Casablanca. Only Linda Ronstadt and an unknown actor reprising the roles. See how memories can play the trick on you!


  1. Used to have that album..

  2. It is a wonderful album, and I must say you have good taste! ;-)

    I still have the vinyl and the cassette but been wanting to get the CD, so far I have searched high (USA) and low (KL) and so far I have not found it. Out of print may be?