Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to catch the Mat Rempits

Sometimes I do find Sunday night news fun.

I am talking about the many police operations, be it against the Mat Rempit or the drunk driving menace or any other public menace. You can see the Mat Rempits all scrambling trying to get away from the police, going against the traffic, swerving in between cars. I do wish I have a bulldozer and I would just mow them down. The police would try to kick down the Mat Rempits or throwing cone to them hoping that they would fall.

I am all for the police trying to rid this country of Mat Rempits. They are such a nuisance.

But I am appalled by the sheer foolishness (read: stupidity) of our police force acting as if that they don't know any better, that they can't use their head on how to catch the Mat Rempits.

Many a times they would get a way.

Or you can have a case where they got hurt and then the police would have to pay RM500K like in the new today. You can read it here.

A decade ago, when we made Houston our home, we saw many police chase. On the telly that is. We have not be unfortunate to see it live with our very own eyes. That's not the part of Houston or America that I would like to see or experience.

Thank you very much.

The American police use a very handy device that if you put it across the road would spike your wheel and cause your tyres to blow, in essence ending the chase. They can quickly roll it over the road to spike the car, and quickly roll it back when the police car passes the same stretch.

Otherwise you will have friendly fire! ;-)

Watch this demo.

This is an actual chase that was stopped due to this device called Spike Strip. It would cause a gradual drop in pressure rather than a complete blow out of the tyres.

You can also watch the full video here.

That was more than 10 years ago. I am reasonably sure they are still using it here.

Here are some videos of Mat rempits on a Saturday night. Just roll the strip over the road. No need to chase them, no need to kick at them, no need to throw the cone at them.

Aiyah, so easy one to catch them, right? One whole group on an empty road. I should be the supplier of this Stinger Spike Strip!

Place a few policemen at strategic locations with these devices, and at the right time roll it over.

Soon the race will come to a halt.

Is it so difficult for our police to come up with such a device? Or buy them?

We don't have a thinking policemen team here.

I am not sure what the top guns are doing in the cozy air-cond office in Bukit Aman.

Here is another video of the Rempits.

But accident do happen. Not just in the bedroom ok! ;-) Here is another sense of irony or those crooks caught by these spikes a sense of justice


Here is the info on Stinger Spike System by Federal Signal. It a tyre deflation system.

YOu can download the brochure here.

Stinger spikes are hollow. This allows air to escape at a controlled rate without causing a blowout or sudden loss of control. The spikes are 2.1" in length and are made of 304-T7 stainless steel. The XL’s new 2.1" length spike acts in conjunction with our patented rock-and-tilt mechanism base. This Stinger technology effectively penetrates thicker tires to safely and quickly end pursuits involving many larger vehicles including large trucks, farm vehicles, and military-type vehicles.

I wonder if they have an agent already here in KL.

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