Friday, January 8, 2010

Somewhere in Time

Hehehe...what a time it was, I must say, and when I saw this pix, I could not help it but smile.

So toye one those days.

A friend asked me yesterday if I have pix of her during those years (1976-1980) - she said she had misplaced hers. Luckily for her, I do. I have quite a bit of the pix from those years. But it was more by chance than by design.

I had only kept pix of my class or homeroom or dorms or any group that I can relate my own existence then. But only of me. Nothing more, nothing less.

I don't normally keep others, as a rule of thumb.

But when I decided to appoint myself as the editor of the reunion magazine in 2003, there were many willing contributors to the cause. Pix were one of them - many had offered their personal albums, so yours truly then became the gatekeeper to the memory house of MRSMKB76ers.

But true to what I promised those who had given their personal albums for yours truly to sieve through, scan and publish in the magazine, I had only kept them for the magazine and not distribute them around. After all, many were personal in nature.

But I guess many of those pix would made it to the magazine with nearly 100 pix in it.

These were my classmates in late 1976 at MRSM KB. Mind you, no uniform then. We were treated like American schoolkids. No uniform and no fixed classroom.

We would practically wore these shirts and dresses to class like we were in the above pix.

Minus the ties obviously.

Privilege kids I would say we were.

Here we were a bit more recent. 2003 to be precise at the KLCC.

Oh by the way, enjoy this beautiful song Somewhere in Time by Maksim. It will help your time travel.


  1. budakjawidinewcastleJanuary 9, 2010 at 6:17 AM uniform. Wonder which education minister introduced the uniform then.

  2. in 1979, not sure who was the education minister, and not sure if the decision is his as MRSM did not fall in his ministry's jurisdiction. not sure if the then deputy PM whose two sons were in KB would have any say.

  3. From what I knew, the matter of no uniforms in MRSM then, was brought up in the parliament by some "ahli parlimen picisan yang bankrap idea" , with nothing else to do, just for the sake of being seen in the parliament.

    I wonder how many votes he got later on in the next election for bringing up this matter in parliament?

    Your KB junior '78

  4. You may be right! I vaguely remember that to be honest. There must be pressure from the political system for MARA to implement uniform for all of us then.

    Hey, thanks for the insight! I don't disagree with you at all.

    It must be because of him that the blue and darkblue uniform of Bas MARA driver was chosen!

  5. Is the one in yellow Jenny Ng during KLCC 2003? If so, can't believe it...

  6. Salam bigbro Kb73er, sorry to have to disappoint you. She's not Jenny; we have lost track of her actually. The lovely lady in the yellow dress is another of my classmate - she's on the right hand side of Jenny in the 1976 picture (or left of the picture, in red kurung). Soraya Merican.