Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time Out with the kids

For some reasons, lately I have been watching movies and going to concerts too often for my liking.

May be it was just a way for me to have some quality time together with the kids.

Let's count:

1. Ramayana at the DFP
2. A Little Nightmare Music at the DFP - Igusdesman and Joo
I must admit I didn't enjoy their performances that much. Akmal did. I was expecting to hear a lot more music. It was too the most expensive ticket to date; RM200 a pop.

3. Jam Buster Jazz at the DFP. At RM8.50, it was the best value for money, I would say. Beautifully done by the quartet.
4. Irama Warisan Kita at the DFP
5. Movie 2012Italic
6. Avatar 3D

I am very impressed with the graphics. It was paradise as far as I am concerned. I especially love the glow-in-the-dark scene and trees. It was so beautiful that it was beyond my imagination.

For that alone, I think it s worth the entrance ticket, though I have to admit I was a tad disappointed with the 3D technology. I am still conscious of the big screen and I have to say I was not engulfed by the 3D scenes.

Story line wise, it was nothing to shout about I must say.

The best 3D movie to my mind was a movie I saw in 1982 or 1985 (I am not so sure) in Sydney. It was a cowboy-Indian movie. Nothing fanciful about the story line but it was geared for 3D actions. All the arrows and guns and actions were directed towards you; it was designed to scare the audience, so you spent a lot of time trying to move your body out of harm's way.

We were part of the movie.

I can tell you that it was fun.

And tonight we will be heading to the DFP for

7. Music for the Movies at the DFP; Richard Kaufman conducting

I am told that the themes from Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars would be featured. I am also hoping Lara's Theme, Somewhere in Time, Romeo and Juliet, Godfather and many more. I would always melt listening to that Maurice Jarre's theme song from Dr Zhivago.

Jaws may be too? That would be nightmare music from the 70s! How about the Pink Panther? Well, Titanic - not sure if I want to hear that eh, hehehe. Well, then again, may be I do.

Keeping my fingers' crossed for a good time tonight with the family.

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