Sunday, January 17, 2010

An affair to remember

It was indeed a night to remember at the DFP.

To me it was the best performance I have seen by the MPO other than their normal repertoire - the classical that is.

Last night, it was more modern music; it was as modern as one can get going by the theme of the night - The Golden Age of Film Music. Richard Kaufman, a leading conductor in this series world-wide did an amazing job with the MPO going by the number of distinct repertoire of music performed by the symphony orchestra.

One after another one is transported back to the 30s and 40s right up to 1977.

To be honest, I am not that familiar with all the movies and the theme songs, but in the end, I left with satisfaction and in fact I told Akmal and Arif later that if I have the ticket, I would go and see them again today (Sunday).

It was a sold out performance, if you are thinking the same.

To the music novice like me, one would compare the original score in the movie with the one performed. I was not disappointed. It followed the spirit of the original score and arrangement and in the concert hall, you listen to every single bit of instrument.


That made it a wonderful experience.

I was really taken by the suite of song composed by Henry Mancini. No, no, no Pink Panther here but other wonderful song by one of the greatest song writers.

As Kaufman puts it, "The songs for Audrey."

As in Audrey Hepburn, the gorgeous actress (that's Kaufman's word and not mine though I don't disagree with him). She is that beautiful, if I can put it mildly.

Who would not be taken by Moon River?

This is another Mancini's song that was performed last night, minus the choir of course.

I also like this song last night.

Maurice Jarre's musics have also been synonymous with the golden age of cinema. I have been praying for Dr Zhivago's Lara's Theme. For some unknown reason, Kaufman did not pick this one but instead chose another wonderful Jarre's piece for another epic Lawrence of Arabia.

Who am I to argue with him though I still think Lara's theme is a much better song.

It is such a lovely movie, and theme song.

Taras Bulba

I did not know of this film before, but I really do enjoyed the theme song. According to Richard Kaufman, "The movie is really lousy, so if you were to see it, just close your eyes and listen to the music."

The music is really that wonderful.

Try watching this in Youtube.

Hmmm, it looks like an epic to me. May be I'll try and get my hand on some of these movies.

Kaufman reminded the audience that music composers at times can be like a mortician. One can dressed up the body, but one cannot bring it back to life. I forgot as to who actually said that. No, no it is not attributed to Kaufman.

Good score, and theme songs complement good movies; they made it memorable long after.

Oh oh, I nearly forgot Star Wars. Then again, I am sure you would know that. Yeah, you hear it exactly like in the movie. As Kaufman said it, the writer is not only the best songwriter on planet Earth, but also out in outerspace!

By the way, Spartacus was also performed that night. May be I should have taken Mak to the show as she pointed out, after the concert completion, that she and bapak went to the the movie in Taiping on a date during their engagement without the knowledge of Tok Adam.

I am not sure if Nenek Bulan knew it.

I am sure it would have been difficult for them to go out and watch movie in Taiping. This must be circa 1961 (the movie was released in 1960) and they got married sometime in May 1961.

Sempat lagi tu even those days. This is news to me. Hehehe.

This is what they would have seen.

But listen to the love theme from Spartacus. This is of course a re-recording, a more recent by Akiko.

Eh, anyone got an extra ticket or two that I can buy for today's performance?

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