Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The art of ageing

So I am 45 going on 55 today. Or if my partner is to be believed, then I am actually 45 going on 60!

Funny guy this Peter. He has no sense of diplomacy at all with this friend of his. Luckily I knew him well enough not to get offended!

I remember reading an article about Alex Ferguson when MU won the league last season in the Daily Telegraph. The writer describes him as 65 years old, looks 55, and has the zest of a 25 years old. In response to that, I wrote that I am 40 something, look 60 something and has the zest of someone on a death row!

That describes me well, I must admit.

I have read somewhere that it is all dependent on how one present oneself. If you, like me, act as if you are 15 years older than your age, then people would perceive you to be just that.

When I was in F1, I remember queueing for food at the dewan makan. Two seniors wanted to overtake the queue and so they seek my permission. "Dik, akak potong, boleh kan?" they asked me. A friend of mine (Birin) at the same queue responded, "Adik? Ni bukan adik, kak ooi, ni bapak budak dah."

Smart aleck, this friend of mine. But he was not wrong, I looked matured enough even for a F1 student.

When I first joined an oil company in the late 87, I had to undergo orientation week at a training centre in Bangi. When I introduced myself and of course my age, the facilitator asked me, "Are you sure your parents didn't lose your birth cert?" Oh boy, another smart aleck, but I guess I looked that old.

On the other hand, I also know someone having the same birthday albeit many years apart. When we found out that we shared the same birthday - she was a classmate in my MBA class at UIA, another classmate remarked, "Obviously! That explained why the two of you behave very similarly."

There is no doubt about it - we share very similar traits; impatient, emotional and hot tempered.

I would like to think that this single positive trait - passionate - as encompassing these three negative traits.

That's Piscean to you, if the 'horror-scope' is to be believed.


  1. Btw, happy birthday abgman..
    semoga murah rezki, panjang umo dan "muda" slalu...

  2. Amin, and thank you my dear sis. The muda slalu may be not la!

  3. haha, young at heart...happy belated birthdays

    btw I think is our family DNA that produced much matured faces, as me face the same thing whenever people asking on age..hmm more as leader actually (maybe relates to Dato Jenato agaknya) so must leader look matured?

  4. Happy Birthday bro, and semoga panjang umur.

  5. Dear Man. Selamat dunia and akhirat. We are getting younger; the point of reference is not the date of birth (to now) but the date of death to now. Take care. rgds

  6. Dear my sibling, tq. Well, I dunno about leader, but yes, I do think it is in the genes. More so for me, I guess!

  7. Dear Zaman, Aameen, and thank you. oh BTW, happy ngundi esok.

  8. Dear Poi, thanks for the head up on the correct way of calculating one's birthday. You are never wrong in calculating it in that manner, and everything to gain. There is a beautiful song about death written by Bimbo (an Indonesian group) that talks about the same thing. Anyway, I am heading up to your state tomorrow morning, but up to Dungun only (and not KT). Happy ngundi too, bro.