Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to the 70s

Aah, the 70s....great moments in music, if only in my mind.

While Sharifah Aini, and Uji Rashid would hold court with other male singers like DJ Dave and Hail Amir, a few other singers - slightly less popular or the second tier, with apology - would also make the list of the singers that would remain in my heart till today.

I believe this due to the fact that the first tier singers' songs have been aired to death, while the second tier singers' songs have only been sporadically aired, making them fresher to the memory. Their songs are not easily available in the market, unfortunately.

Who would not remember Rina Rahman, and Salimah Mahmood, both from Singapore. Rina album were typically produced by the very creative S.Atan while Salimah Mahmood by A Husaini Ajmain, whose musical arrangement would not be of typical pop produced by Ahmad Nawab.

This is Salimah Mahmood. Many good songs in her albums. I believe she is still singing till today, though typical of Malaysia to claim her as Malaysian singer when she was actually Singaporean. But even then, it didn't matter to us.

This is not her best photo I must say. The one from her album "Ada Kesedihan Diwajahmu" is much better. And I remember her from her long flowing straight hair. A few years ago during a Raya program, she appeared on our telly singing Ku Ingin Bahagia. Cair lah kejap. She is now a datin and lives in Damansara. How did I know? Well a friend with whom I shared a birthday date, upon knowing that I am a fan, told me she can get me her phone number. I told her, "What am I supposed to do with her number? You expect to call her and tell her I am fan? You want me to be killed twice - first by her datuk husband and then by my own wife?" ;-)


I purposely chose this song by S Atan which is seldom heard on the radio (compared to another cc hit Ku Ingin Bahagia). The song "Ada Kesedihan diwajahnya" would have some element of Javanese music which was trademark and specialty of S Atan.

Of course, Kathy was a favourite too then though she definitely was not a second tier singer. This song reminds me of SPM 1980 which was held in November 1980 obviously!

One rare song from a group from Sabah - D'Atomic Power. I think many female were going gaga over the lead singer, though the group was shortlived. I believe too there was gossip then between him and Mazuin, before she was hijacked to Brunei.

I mistakenly added the song by Gigi Villa in the list and I was too lazy to take it out. I believe this song was released in the 80s and it was sung by a Filipino singer Gigi Villa (pronounced Jiji Villa). We had our laughs then when the 'juruhebah' pronounced her name!

Well, enjoy...


  1. Salimah Mahmood was a babe, I still remember the cover of her first album, but since this is a family oriented blog, we'll leave it at that. The songs in the 1st album were good. Loved Melati Idaman (if memory serves me right)amongst others, because her songs helped me through my SRP. Pity the quality went downhill after that.

    I was in Great Eastern Mall last Thursday. Discovered that WEA Malaysia had released compilations of several 80's singers like Zainal Abidin, Khadijah Ibrahim etc. Worth checking out.

  2. She is still one good looking singer, the last time I saw her pic in the mainstream newspaper a couple of years ago.Yes, I agree with you. Melati Idaman is a good song, in fact the whole album was a good one.

    I am still not keen compilation, especially the rojak ones. I want the whole of album esp of Kathy, Salimah and the likes.

    But I will check GE Mall soon

  3. Rina Rahman is a Puan Sri now. She is happily married to corporate chieftain Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, the CEO of Boustead.

    Salimah Mahmood, last time I baca one of the magazines yang my wife beli, runs a place where people meets up.

    Gigi Villa, she looked hot in the late 1970s. She was one of the first artistes that our local Sony Music signed up.

  4. Dear Zaman, thanks for the updates on our fav singers from the 70s. The radio has been giving retro music good air time, but I have to say that that is not the case. I would not have any idea that Gigi was hot. While I knew at least two of her songs, I have not seen her in action.

  5. from an oldie to another...cheers!