Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jom raya di Kamunting, eh I mean, Taiping

We are inching closer and closer to the Raya.

Honestly I am looking forward for the Raya break. Been quite awhile since I last went back and enjoy Taiping as it is supposed to be enjoyed. Sure I went back last week to pick up mum (since she wants to bake some cookies at my home) and also during the recent flood, but it was just a tad too short for me to enjoy Taiping and its ambience.

My former primary school classmates are supposed to have a reunion of sort on Raya day. Zaki is contacting the other classmates and we are also planning to visit our dear Ustaz Adnan who taught us in Std 5 and 6 in King Edward.

I am looking forward to seeing friends I have not seen since 1975.

And I managed to call one of my best buddy Zakri Khir. He is now a COO at Allianz. The good news he is also Raya-ing in Taiping and wants to meet up for bukak puasa first this Monday. Apparently his mum is still in Taiping (his dad died in July last year). The smartest boy in school then; no wonder he is doing well in his career, I am glad to say.

But at the same time, with the recent spate of arrest under ISA, it reminds me that for some reasons the power-that-be prefer to show their power and arrest many during the fasting month. The arrest of a former minister under Tengku is a case to point, and I guess RPK arrest and incarceration has to be done during Ramadhan.

How about the many others who have been in there for the past of 7 years? It is so cruel. How about one who returned only after his daughter was burried? Or one who had never bought his children any baju raya for the past 7 years. Read it here.

The Kem Tahanan ISA is in Kamunting, say half an hour from Taiping. When my in-laws were still living in Batu Kurau, we would pass it everytime on the way there. Of course we would not bat an eye lid then.

So let's all go back and Raya in Kamunting, what say you?

After all, gasoline has been reduced by RM0.10 cents. I would save at least RM7.00 if I were to fill up my tank to go back to Taiping.

Wow! Thank you Pak Lah.

I am really indebted to you.

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