Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadhan '08

So Ramadhan is here again.

Alhamdulillah, I guess we are here again to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan. With His grace.

For the past couple of years, I was actually waiting for the fasting month. Prior to this, I was normally apprehensive, especially for the first couple of days, when our bodies had to adjust to not eating during the day.

I didn't feel that at all this year.

Ramadhan could not come soon enough for me.

Never mind that we are doing full day training for weeks, starting the very first day of Ramadhan. Training is normally associated with foods, lotsa food. But training in the month of Ramadhan means no food, no drinks. Nothing at all.

But I guess, this is nothing. We are in the comfort of our airconditioned training room.

But every Ramadhan, without fail, my mind would wonder to this drama on the telly. 

I do wonder if they would re-run it.

Wouldn't you TV3?

Rumah Kedai (posted Sept 17, 2007)

I miss Rumah Kedai this Ramadhan.

Rumah Kedai has always been my favourite Ramadhan drama of yesteryears. It was typically broadcasted around 5.30 pm daily on TV3. I would always be waiting for this family drama during those years in Dungun in the late 80s and early 90s.

It is about Pak Halim and his family. He runs a grocery store and lived on the floor above his shop and hence the title Rumah Kedai. He had two assistants Remy (Harun salim Bachik)and Tapa (Sudiro Sukirman) and their antics are typically hilarious. To me the way Pak Halim handled his family is exemplary. He is soft spoken and cool in every situation and would always come up with solutions that would satisfy everybody.

He is not pretentious though, and not preachy.

He had two daughters, one was Khatijah Tan (forgot her character) and another one a reasonably cute daughter Anis who is a nurse. For some reasons, she seems to have disappeared from the industry.

I do hope TV3 would re-run the series each Ramadhan. BTW Alfatihah to Pak Halim.

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