Friday, September 19, 2008

Of bygone era

This is the very reason I love to time travel. These lovely sets of pictures of Kuala Lumpur in the old days are priceless. Someone sent me these last year and while I was archiving past emails in my old computers, I came across these and thought it is appropriate to post them here.

I don't know who own the copyright of these pictures, so I am taking liberty here. If you are the owner, I hope that you have given me permission to share them here.

Now, where is my time machine?

Aah, lovely.

Not much change here I guess.
Would you believe that this is Bukit Bintang?


  1. Nice blog. Any relation to my former colleague Ahmad Hariri, former CSO North Port?

  2. Dear Captain, thank you for the kind word and for dropping by. I have been reading your blog for quite sometime but I guess I was more of a lurker. I dont think I am related to your former colleague.