Sunday, June 21, 2009

Any reason for a makan-makan

It may mean nothing to many, but even if one were to look from the mathematics point of view, you would know why he means a lot for us.

For a family of four, any one person leaving home would mean a quarter of the inhabitants is lost. That, in mathematics term, is significant.

Socially as eldest in the family, it means much more than any mathematical figure would tell you how loss we would be without him around, day in day out. I know Melaka is only a 'setanak nasik away' or perhaps less, so it should not be as bad.

I hope he would stay, in many ways, as he was. I want to learn to be independent, to be forceful and outgoing too, but more importantly, now with him being on his own, being able to say no when he does not want to, and yes if he wants to.

I want reasonably worried about peer pressure.

On the other hand, I want him to be street smart. He should be able to say no subtly, and need not be confrontational about it.

I think he will be able to cope with the study, and graduate with his wing in 18 months' time, but I also want him to learn about life; all the good things about life that.

And in many ways to be able to say no to all hings bad.

He has had a sheltered life in our own small way; now the world is his at his feet.

Last week he practically drove me to Kerteh ok, make that Kuantan. Soon I hope he will be able to fly me to my destination.


So we did some small doa selamat cum goodluck feast for him. Actually anything to get together for a makan-makan! And only families were invited.

The BBQ start early thinking that an old friend and fam are coming. But they are such a small eaters! But good things I have my fam around.

Asyraf aka Treva is an ex colleague from my Perak Hanjoong Simen dasy, when we were both bujang! It is a miracle that we are now reunited within the framework of our professional duties. After his breaking of fast with the family in 1987 (and to qualify for breaking the fast with us, I told him to fast, and he did (when he was not even a muslim yet!), and hence he can be considered as part of the family.

Some of my nieces posing for a pic. With nieces like them, who needs daughters. Right?

Well, to my siblings and my in-laws, thank you for coming. And for the kind and nice words of encouragement to Arif.

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