Monday, June 22, 2009

One day he'll fly away

Arif - a self-photo. That's him while I was driving to the academy Monday morning. Would you trust him to fly you to your destination in two years' time? Do I hear a resounding yes? ;-)

His bro Akmal was on his first day as a prefect at SMK Hussein Onn, so he declined the opportunity to be with his bro. Instead, we took pics the two of them very early in the morning just to record the event. After driving him off to school, we left for Melaka.

The two of them - totally different characters, but two very good sons nevertheless. And they have very good relationship with each other. Aah, well, now Akmal is like me years ago with my all whites even though MRSM has no uniform at that point; so I was the only one wearing one that the seniors would call me budak SMS.

With sons like them, who needs daughters right? ;-)

A view of the Malaysian Flying Academy at Batu Berendam Melaka.

I had a good chat with the chief instructors during the parents briefing. In hindsight, may be I asked too many questions. I questioned about their ranking, I questioned about their disciplinary measures. Colonel Chong and Capt Steve Terry tried the best to allay my concerns over a cup of tea.

Anyway, when Arif entered the room, Colonel Frank Chong remarked, "You have a very tall and handsome son."

I was not a bit surprised by that remark. I have heard that (too) often.

Many a time, I would jokingly said that most likely it has nothing to do with me. Sometimes that trait skips a generation - mine that is! My friend Asyraf asked him recently how many girlfriends he has. I know he has none, but I am quite sure he has many admirers, secret may be.

I retorted to the Colonel, "And I want you to turn him into a tall and handsome pilot. Make that airlines pilot!"

The colonel laughed.

So here he is at the induction day at the flying academy looking very smart and official with his uniform. Can't wait for him to get his pilot hat. And all the four pakus!

Unloading his stuff. The hostel is in the background. The nearest building is the canteen and surau.

Him in his room. It was a neat and nice room. Could not ask for better - fully air-conditioned and facing the Batu Berendam airport.

Oh this is, by the way, his new watch. No, that's not 'new' (i.e. he didn't have an old watch to replace, if you know what I mean) as this is his only watch in his 18 years of life. I hope he would do wonders with his training, so I bought him something that can withstand the G force.

We are told that many are MARA sponsored; meaning they are taking MARA loans. Arif is of course on FAMA scholarship, though he is keen on taking the loan too as he does not want to be on FAMA scholarship. I think FAMA scholarship is quite demanding in its terms and conditions.

He might be bonded for life.

Not that he is not just that already!


  1. budakjawidinewcastleJune 29, 2009 at 6:19 PM

    Ehem..lawa bakul dalam bonet KERETA

  2. Wow, prof. you are an amazing engineer if you would notice the bakul in the bonnet. Layak lah bertaraf prof. ;-)