Thursday, June 18, 2009

I can't help it but comment

I think I simply could not resist writing about the on goings in PAS.

First and foremost, I am not a member of this organization, and hence I am only talking from the perspective of a citizen.

I used to live within the same block of houses with the person currently in the limelight in that organization. Everytime we would pass by each other in our cars - his was a Merc of course, while mine was then an 11 year old Ford T!, I would not hesitate to wave my hand as an acknowledgment as a neighbour until I moved to my present house which is only 100 m away from the previous one.

But we no longer share a roof, or wall, so to speak.

My neighbour, a Haji, complained to me about a year ago, how this prominent politician had decided to move to a much bigger house (i.e. a bungalow) and his excuse was that his supporters found it difficult to park his car should they came and visited him. Haji found it difficult to comprehend such an excuse as his house didn't face any other house and hence parking was not an issue. Furthermore, it also fronted a main road with ample of parking space.

Our point of contention is how we thought that it is now typical of politicians from both side of the divide. Once they are elected, they are all alike. They started behaving like spoilt brat and started to live luxuriously and not humbly anymore.

With the exception of people like TGNA.

All the sudden, our nice neighborhood is no longer good enough for him.

So for this particular person, he has lost my respect. I know it may be petty, but I think all these simple things show one's character better than one utterance or pidato yang berapi-api. No wonder lah even TGNA is pissed off with him.

I do hope those in the opposition should remember that. We are not asking you to live like a peasant. But do remember your root, and there was nothing wrong living in a 22x75 terrace house, fronting a main road, and open space.

It is a luxury to many of us simple rakyats.

Otherwise you are satu geng, or mari satu kapal with the king of klang - the king who built his castle in between the squatters.

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