Saturday, June 27, 2009

"You'll remember me somehow"

Innalillahi wainna ilaihirojiun.


While I am not the greatest fan of MJ - in fact I am not sure if I could call myself even a fan, I must admit that those years in the 80s - 1983 to be precise, was really amazing in as far as MJ is concerned. Watching his music videos in the early days of MTV was an enjoyment and such a pleasure. Billie Jean and Beat It were staple diets on Australian Countdown back then.

Mind you, in those days, we were watching him on old black and white TV that was handed down by the seniors at Monash. (What do you expect us to do on those student allowances? Buy flat screen TV?) We can only imagine the colour of the tile lights when he was stepping on them while dancing in the Billie Jean video.

Mind you still, that this was done in between plying the engineering library, classes, books and more books.

Still it was privilege then to have access to such entertainment in the 80s.

But I guess in 1981, while doing my matric at Leederville, this 1975 song, for unknown reason, became a hit single, and while those moonwalking and upbeat music from Thriller symbolized MJ, I prefer his more sombre songs. Of course this song was expected to do very well, but why it took 6 years for this song to reach the chart is a puzzle to me even today.

One Day in Your Life.

Ladies, and gentlemen, I present you Michael Jackson.

You'll remember me somehow.

I know that this statement would be an understatement.

This one with a better recorded music quality.

HOw about this one - Ben


It came as a surprise last night when I was told of Farrah Fawcett's death. While we have not been following her career from the height of her Charlie's Angels' role in the 70s, I guess she was one of the most watched person on telly during those years in the 70s in Kota Bharu.

Yes, all these deaths should remind me of how vulnerable life is, and of course it is something all of us will go through.

Our existence in this world is temporary. Everyday we are inching our way to our final destination.

If you are reading this, please ignore this sermon. It is not meant for you; just a reminder to myself.

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