Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bersih 2.0 - The Beautiful Faces

Let's forget about the police for the time being, and focus on the people; 50,000 of them at Bersih 2.0. Only some samples, tak larat nk sieve through the hundreds of pictures. This may be updated from time to time, so far from the archives taken by the Hariri Photographers - ARH/MFH/MGH.

These two ladies were standing on the pavement with
the Malaysian flag, and many had a field day taking their picture
including yours truly. Good on you ladies. Somewhere near petaling Street
Chatting during a lull moment at Dayabumi
Err you know who at Dayabumi before the first face off
at Leboh Pasar Besar.
Doing brisk business. Sapa kata business rugi that day?
Rugi kalau tutup!

And the matsallehs and minah sallehs also walk with their Malaysian
counterparts. Malaysians at Bersih are violent? You ask them.
And another matsalleh with his daughter
Pix by MFH

These chinese ladies are part of Bersih 2.0 This is
1Malaysia. Pix by MFH
Tabik to this family. Enjoying the day in KL and supporting
a noble cause. Good job. Come come belaka ;))
Pix by MFH
Solat lah kamu walau di mana berada. They
closed Masjid Jamek and would not allow us to go
and pray there. So they did their prayer on the side of this
building. Macam kenal je tempat ni. Pic by MFH
The grandlady of Bersih 2.0 at Puduraya, defying
the police and saluting those who were captured by the police. know who at Dayabumi. Acknowledging
his bro on the other side of the Klang River
Even in wheelchair
Pix by MGH
Happy days. Young Malaysians
Pix by MGH
BERSIHkan jalan, BERSIHkan pilihanraya

Even Metro TV was there. Hmm...
Pix by MGH
NO kutuking the police this time around. Well done Malaysians.


  1. Here is the statistic of the rally..

  2. Thanks pak Idrus. i saw your FB entry. Thanks again.