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Bersih 2.0 - The Tung Shin Incident


I have passed by Tung Shin Maternity Hospital many times in the past.

The building is not something I would bat an eye-lid. The hospital, from the outside, look non-descript, if not unkempt. It is not eye-pleasing to my eyes at all.

It is not a hospital I would consider or recommend if we were looking for one.

And I thought it was meant mainly for the Chinese.

So when Tung Shin was caught in the cross-fire, I was amazed that there is still a private entity that would stand up to the excesses of the government, and not be afraid of the repercussion - real or imaginary. I have to salute the Hospital, especially the doctors for standing up to the truth. Initially the board did a good job, but later on retracted their statement about the tear gas.

Ah well, no one can be perfect in face of an irrational country like ours.

Here are what The Hariri Photographer saw that Saturday. This is a pictorial entry, and all pictures were taken by the Hariri Photographers - MFH. Thanks bro.

Tabik Tung Shin.


I have been asked by someone close to me not to write or show police brutality. Even if it had happened, he wanted me to keep it to myself. This is not the first time I have been asked to keep quiet about incidents that I had seen or experienced. The same thing happened to me last year when I was in Mekah. After an ugly incident with the Arabs there, I told the ustaz that I will be writing about it in my blog since I am writer.

"Sometimes there are things that are best left unsaid," he said. And with it, I decided to keep my point of view to myself, as a marked of respect for our prophet.

But with the police (read: FRU) personally cursing "Melayu Bodoh" and "Pengkhianat" from behind their masks to the participants of Bersih 2.0, his request is not be something that I can easily abide. The sight of a Rela officer near Masjid Jame threatening four Malay girls in tudung taking shelter on the kaki lima in front of a shelter hostel at the junction on Jalan Tun Perak, "Berambus dari sini. Jangan nak tunjuk berani kat sini. Pergi la tunjuk berani kat sana," pointing to a troop of police FRU.

As if that he owned Kuala Lumpur from his dad.

I was boiling inside. But I was alone and I had reached my limit in term of leg power, and my camera memory has reached its capacity. I just want to lay down at this stage (read: sleep), and hence did not do anything to defend the girls.

I am a Malaysian first and a writer/blogger second, an (amateur) photographer a distant third, and as such I would like to show the world what we saw. Sure I have my sentiment, but the again, you be you own judge. I can't force my view upon you, but we can show the pics that were taken.

The FRU getting into their now familar formation in front
of Tung Shin.
The FRU truck and the people watching them near Tung Shin.

They are considering to enter Tung Shin. I think
by now they have decided they are going to enter this sanctuary
and a private entity.

Here they come. Slow moving in the beginning

And suddenly things becomes very urgent
The photographer was not sure if these two were going to crash onto
him on purpose. I guess his heart must have skipped a beat
or two at this stage. But they decided at the last minute to split
It is clearly they are entering a private property. You'd
wonder why the need for the mask if they are just entering to catch
those at the rally.
Looking and chasing those who attended the rally
Storming the hospital

A View of the Hospital, supposedly a santuary
Caught ya
I am sure the police weren't telling him, "Come, my dear, we'll give
you buffet dinner tonight."
And these people were trapped at the compound of the Tung Shin Hispital.
It was a dead end, and there was no escaping the police at this stage, so
they decided to arm-locked themselves, while doing takbir. If I were here.
my heart would skipped many beats for sure.
So they read quranic verses and prayed (doa), You can see them just about
to finish the doa, hoping that the police would let them off the hook and not
apprehend them. The guy in glasses seem to be crying. Honestly I think they fear
for what's going to happen next.

It is a pity that we have came to this. This is a screwed up country.

Are they all criminals?
Now the vultures are coming for the kill. Some may be wondering on why
didn't they just go voluntarily. Well, my dear, we all live in a independent
country and as free people we should be able to go anywhere within this country
of ours. Why should we not allowed to rally peacefully within it is allowed
within the constitution.
Here they come. Once the doa is done, the police moved in.
Oh no. They have no choice now but to leave it to Him.

Going for the kill
Commotion, commotion, everywhere. Tangkap, tangkap!
One down, one thousand more to go

So they decided to beat him
Let me give you my flying kick! Is it really necessary?
Two are down here.

Like their fellow citizens are criminals. He is not fighting back, that's
for sure.
We want more detainees. Our KPI for the day has not been met.
The young Malaysian not going to go easily. They did not wrong,
and they should not be apprhended.
We'll not rest until all are in Black Maria. We want all of you.
POlice going all out to apprehend the public

Testing my kung fu skill. What a privilege to become police

Police tying up young Malaysians who want to let their view known
to the government. Listen to them, listen to us. Lsten to Malaysians.
The policemen doing all their best to apprehend the public.
After all the struggle, the determined young Malaysian are all entagled
amongst themselves.
They are not resisting arrest. There is no reason in the first place
on why they should be arrested. This is a free country and
we are all free people, walking in peace.

Way to go, young men
One down -and the triumphant police. Go and cari Nurin's killer(s),
go and cari the real murderers of Altantuya, go and cari all the PATI,
those who smuggled diesel and LPG, all the tonto who monitors polices
and customs' movement, those mat rempits and those snatch thieves.

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