Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bersih 2.0 - The Hooligan side of Bersih?

I have no choice but to write this entry.

As an independent blogger, I would like to fiercely protect my independence. I can't be writing only good things about the oppositions and bad things about the government.

My last 3 entries had put the police in bad light, so with due apology to them, I would like to show the hooligans in the rally last Saturday.

Unfortunately it was not taken by the four lenses of Hariri. We can only cover so much, but this was taken by the AFP, so I hope it is independent enough for you.

Sorry if you were to conclude that this picture was foreign infiltrated.

I stand corrected, I guess.

I didn't realized that the public had turned hooligans and attack the police during the rally. Even if I didn't see it with my own two eyes, I would trust AFP enough to publish it here.

Shame on him for attacking the police with bottled water. For all you know, it could contain kero and that made that a molotov cocktail.
Phuyo, ganasnya mamat ni. TRying to bantai the police truck with
the bottle. The Al-Jazeera caption says " A Bersih supporter throws a
water bottle at a police water-cannon truck." [Mohd Rasfan/AFP]
But what a minute.

Look at the bottle closer. Zoom in a bit if you must. We must scrutinize it a bit more.

It looks like an empty bottle. Errr....It is an empty bottle.

Oh no, I was hoping that it has kerosene in it and then we would have caught him red handed!

Aiyah, sorry guys. Nanti I search the net lagi..huhuhu.

Apa la bro ni..badan je besar, (nak) baling botol kosong!


  1. Its always two sided coin.It's a difficult situation ,indeed for the police.What will you do, if you 'll be in their shoes.Did you have any choice.Go to good policeman and ask them, what they feel...You cant ask F1 drive not to drive over the limit, i guess.

  2. The coin is double sided. Its a difficult situation for the Police men in duty. I can feel their dilemmas. Inside some of them, there are still good heart and clean soul/ Anyway, among them, there are our own brothers and uncle.For sure,aman, you cant blame, F1 drive to drive beyond our normal limit..that the ways the game played...( Im on your side always )

  3. Che Net, That's what I have been told many times, but this time around I don't get to see too many good policemen. I mostly saw policeman yg maki 'melayu bodoh' (and he is malay himself). Utterly in contempt with the public (FRU pakai helmet) - he should not be communicating with the public at all.

    I saw policemen yang maki/jerit at malay ladies (saw in video). I saw a Rela officer maki 4 budak2 perempuan melayu bertudung "hoi berambus dari sini, kat sini tunjuk berani, tak sedar diri." (They were standing on kaki lima). Cmon la, they were like my daughters -bersopan satun etc, n tetiba kena maki. Kenapa tak tangkap saja, sudah, habis citer. Tak yah maki2.

    We keep on seeing there are always good policemen, fine. But those at the rally who shot at the peaceful public, deserve non of the accolade.

    You dont have to tell me about coins - I have written in my previous entry.

    It is not personal. It is not about our brothers/uncles in the police force.

    There is no reason to shoot. YOu manage the rally, direct the trafffic (mcm depan stadium merdeka) - kalau tak salah, not a single shot was fired, and there was chanting and speeches, but police was commendable and very restraint. Look, Bersih in Melbourne, HK, San Francisco, Korea etc, did the policemen there fired any shot?

    Sama gak, bersih rallies overseas.

    Those who want to assemble, have their right within Article 10.

    Tak paham F1, I think mcm irrelevant je.