Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome back Malaysia

At last, they are back.

For sure this time around.

I was wondering if something was wrong somewhere and with the euphoria they were generating, I thought something was amiss. As if they were hit by a tsunami, and the Japanese nuclear radiation leaks might have affected them.

I saw some of the normal Malaysian traits in the match against Taiwan, and of course in the match against Arsenal. And I was beginning to see what I was used to see in the 90s.

One of the traits would be to play like schoolchildren; with due respect to all schoolchildren in this country. All Malaysian footballers since the very late 80s had been taught this skill and nowhere else. They were taught so well that we were top in that department then.

And now they are back.

Welcome back and welcome home, Malayan Tigers.

Normal service has resumed from FAM.

PS Can we tarik balik all the awards and rewards that they didn't deserve even the last time or do they need more since the last time tak cukup? ;-)

PS2 And we call ourselves champions of South East Asia?

PS3 I think I spoke too soon about us winning the World Cup! Huh!

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