Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bersih 2.0 - The Story Behind the Picture - Part I

I am still yet to complete my writing on Bersih 2.0.

It is a long and tedious process and it will take a few more days for me to gather my thoughts and sieves through the tons of pictures, not all of which are good enough to be published.

May be I should break it into smaller pieces, and tell the human stories of Bersih 2.0 beyond the tear gas and chemical-laced cannon water.

I saw this picture at the al-Jazeera website. You can see them here.
What could be the fault of this lady that she ought to be apprehended
by these two police officers? Did she a) kill someone and C4-ed them, b) try to get
commission from Bank Negara for the polymer notes c) steal two jet engines
from the army d) sell two submarines that cannot dive? Haha..
 I like the expression - I thought she was in anguish, and I thought the composition is good.

Apparently, according to my brother Zali, there is a reason why she was caught and apprehended by the police. He was standing just next to her when it happened.

At the height of the face off, the police started to beat some of the public at the rally. She was a witness to the beating, and she was perturbed on what she saw.

"Tuan, tuan tak boleh pukul orang awam. Itu orang awam. Tuan kena jaga orang awam," she shouted, pleading for them to stop.

Initially they took no notice of her, but she was a persistent lady. My bro standing next to her was getting worried, and wanted to tell her to keep quiet.

Suddenly the policeman shouted back at her, "APA DIA?"

He then surged forward towards her with his baton in his right hand.

And these pictures below were their faced-off, and obviously the police went on to screamed and started threatening her right at her face.

You can try and put words into their conversation, and I am sure the picture by Reuters was the outcome of such face off between the public and the police. I am sure it was mainly a one-way conversation.

These pix were taken by the Hariri Photographer (MGH). Thank you very much for the hardwork. Good job.

He even had his name written upside down. Why?
In all six pictures, he was finger-pointing to her face,
trying to intimidate her.
Silap2 the one finger can become five.

Now they are ganging up on her.
Look at her facial expression in all the six pictures. Tak
payah la tunjuk terrer kat fellow citizen esp pompuan.
Dia bukan criminal pun.

And no, this was not a polite conversation. He was
practically shouting to her at close range, and I am
sure she should check her ear drum with an ENT
specialist this week.
I think there is only one way how this will end up. You can't plead and reason out with the police. We are living in an insane country at this moment. There was no way you would be able to win any argument with them.

But kudos to this lady - whoever you are, for standing up to your fellow citizen's right.


  1. Nice photos Damir Sagolj,(I pressume). Can't wait to read the rest of the entry. You should be a journalist cum photographer. Heck, your writing is much better than those in the mainstream. But then again, maybe the pay is not as good as what you're earning.

  2. Yes, bro. It is Damir Salolj's picture. You are too kind. I am sure the journalists earn better than me. In fact I think everybody else probably earn better than this oldie..hehehe..tx for your comment anyway..