Monday, May 12, 2008

Glory Glory Man United

Life as a Manchester United fan is never easy. We could have claimed the League three weeks ago at Chelsea, but instead it went to the wire. It is just a trait of Man United to keep their fans in suspense. It is bad for me that I can't bear watching United at all now. My doc has told me not to watch the game anymore lest I have problem with my heart. No, he didn't actually advise that; but I am smart enough to know my limit! ;-) And, no, I don't have a heart problem.

Anyway as I have pointed last years, the ecstasy override all others at the end of the season. And I was quite high last night after following the game over at Soccernet. I am relieved; 10 championships in 16 years ain't bad and we are now just 1 short to equal the Pool's record.
As I have pointed last year, I love his smile - when he smiles, my (football) world rocks. I hope there will be many more of this smile, hopefully by end of the day on May 21, 2008.

Thanks again Sir Alex, thanks again Manchester United. It has been worth it following them all my life, even during the lean years. Especially after displacing Chelski with the resources of the Roman Empire.

Now I am hoping that they would grab the Champions' League. Nonetheless the biggest of them all - the Premier League, is in the bag and hopefull MU can relax a bit and enjoy the game.


After having many sleepless nights -that Carlos Queroz and Paul Scholes even appeared in the nightmare, I thought my world is collapsing around me. After the 2-1 loss against Chelski a couple of weeks ago, I was beginning to dread the month of May that had given us the beautiful song First of May by the Bee Gees. I had certainly thought of May as the 13th May. I thought I would have to ban newspaper from my house for the next 1 month for fear that I would read the backpage.

I thought I would even have to change my homepage to something else other than ESPN Soccernet.

That's what I did in 1998. But luckily, it turns out just the way it should be.

Hey Prof, what's the reaction of the people in Newcastle? I guess they would be celebrating too except
the team from St James' Park! ;-)


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  2. Dear Man

    There is Only one United - LEEDS United

  3. Hahaha. To Man United fan, we are of the opinion that the only United worth their salt is our United. Of course Newcastle fans thought otherwise and I guess so do Leeds fans like you. My dear Poi, I must admire your resilient and your love for the club, even if Leeds are now in League 1. Actually Leeds are quite high in their position. May be next season you will get promoted to the Championship eh? Good Luck. Would not mind renewing the brickbat with Leeds fans like you in the premir league! ;-)

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. utd in newcastleMay 13, 2008 at 6:33 PM

    Like you, I just 'watched' (or monitored, either one) the game via Soccernet, thanks to Mr. Murdoch's Sky Sport dominance. However, will not miss the UCL Final, Insyaallah. St. James rather quite last Sunday, but now they are already talking about No 5 spot next season..hehehe..pitiful geordies

  5. Dear Prof, so near yet so far for you! #5 next season? Wow the geordies are ambitious, arent they? ;-)