Thursday, May 22, 2008

United are Champions of Europe, again

After all the drama and suspense, United are champions of Europe again!

It pays to wake up at 4 am, not really to watch the game, but to prepare the clarification document for a client. But the pull of Soccernet is too much that I end up reading the minute-by-minute blow.

I thought as penalty shoot-out loomed, United was going to lose. It was, after all, as Sir Alex had mentioned, his first win on penalty. Do you honestly think only the 'Pool can win in a penalty shootout? ;-)

After 1999, 2008 is another year to remember.

Well this time there was no... forgot his name now, a former Blackburn defender, climbing above everybody then the Cup was lifted, and being so prominent in the celebration eventhough he was a sub. No complaint from me though, everybody deserved their place in the sun.


  1. budak perlih di newcastleMay 22, 2008 at 8:27 AM

    Another job well done!!! Bru, lost your email add as I tidy up my mailbox. Can you email me so that I can email you back..hah

  2. U must be Moscow eh? For you in NC, no point to brag and gloat over the Geordies. Why not a trip to 'Pool, or London this weekend?

    Will email you.

  3. budak perlih di newcastleMay 22, 2008 at 6:10 PM

    May is the name..David May. No trip to Pool or Chelski this weekend..I am going Oslo instead..makan angin

  4. Yes, David May, that's him. Amboi, sakan, sampai kat Oslo. Tuh aku jeles la. Bukan hang kena buat PhD ke kat NCastle? Takkan tak kena study ke, buat research ke? hehe.

    Nih suara org jeles.