Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tol Protest at Mahkota Cheras

(map taken from without permission.)

I was caught in the massive traffic jam enroute home to Hussein Onn from Ulu Langat, and was told that "Ada rusuhan, Encik," by a policeman. What rusuhan? If not for the police there, would it be a rusuhan?

Waste my time only, aiyah!

Honestly, the tol operator has no business blocking the entrance. Just imagine, the residents at Mahkota Cheras have to go south (heading toward Kajang) before they can go North to Kuala Lumpur. In doing so, they would have to pay the RM0.90 tol.

Not only they would have to spend more money on the petrol, they would have to pay tol too. What a scam!

Hussein Onn where I live is just on the opposite side of Mahkota, and yes, we were spared the tol. I guess Uda in the 90s had negotiated that the tol be placed downstream of Hussein Onn. Then again, we do have an inner road that I take daily that would bypassed the hiway totally.

The FRU is ready. This is at the Hussein Onn exit.

I can only see people standing and watching. A rusuhan? You can see the massive traffic jam in the background created by the blocking of this exit.

The scenes at the Mahkota entrance/exit

The police above was saying, "Ada rusuhan, Encik" when I protested that I need to exit to go to Hussein Onn.

Are you sure? I didnt see any; only the FRU standing by.

In the end, the tol operator won as with the police action blocking the exit, I had to go south and pay the RM0.90 and then make a U turn north, and making them richer for nothing!

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