Friday, May 9, 2008

The hills are alive...


....with the smell of durians!

What an anti-climax, did I hear you say? And I don't blame you for thinking that way.

One would be imagining, I guess, of Austria, or the Rockies, and the romance of the The Sound of Music (and of course Julie Andrews), whenever one read the title phrase, but here we are talking about Mantin in the Minangkabau state of Negeri Sembilan.

I thought I was falling in love all over again, as I absorbed the view presented before me and I must admit that when I first saw it, I did fall in love. It was that lovely - sunset, rolling hills and of course the mountains in the background. My imagination was running wild - sipping teh tarik on the verandah of a kampung house while watching sunset in the background with the durian trees in the foreground.

Ah, lovely. This is every Malay male's dream - of the pensioner kind, that is!

These pictures below did not do justice - it was, after all, taken with my hp camera, but it should give you an idea of this beautiful location where I am dreaming of having my durian orchard. It was near perfect - it would have been if the sun sets directly behind the mountains (or the hills), depending on perspective or definition.

Eventhough it was not in the same league as the lovely sunset that aruah dad and I saw way back in 1979 in Kuala Kangsar that I wrote last year - you can read Senjakala here, but lovely enough for me to momentarily lose all my sense of being.

Actually, it is just a dream at this moment for the price is not too favourable. To my wallet that is.

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