Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blast from the past - SRJK(I) Lenggong

I would never have thought that I would see some of them again in the full glory of childhood, if only in pictures.

Unfortunately this blogger was not in the picture. He presumes that the pic was taken after he had left this school for King Edward. As far as he is concerned, there is only one picture that he is aware that would have him in the pic; the one in 1972 which he had lost.

Lokman, my best friend from those years invited me to join the batch of 1970-75 SRJK(I) Lenggong and he downloaded the above pic from their yahoogroup chatroom (without approval, he must add). No, he is still awaiting approval to be a member and he doesn't believe it would be a problem as he was a full fledged member of the batch for 3 years.

(Mind you, young readers, the I in SRJK(I) does not stand for India, and no, he didn't attend a Tamil school!)

Except for Cikgu Hizam, and perhaps Ng Kok Ngai (now Dr), and Lokman, he would have difficulty recognizing the faces, but he remembers all the names that were mentioned by Lokman three years ago when he met him.

He is anxiously waiting for another time travel to the early 70s. How he wish for a digital camera then.


I am traveling tonight to Houston for a quickie meeting. Houston was a city we used to call home in the late 90s, and the kids remember their time in school there much as I remember my time in this small town of Lenggong.

The idea of 20 odd hours cramming at the back of the plane is not too appealing to be honest. I am bringing in Hamka's Di Dalam Lembah Kehidupan, Memoir Abdullah CD and a book on Umrah and Haj. Then again, who knows, I might spent my time watching tons of movies on the small screen.

God knows what I will do.

Hope to return safely to KL in one week's time.


  1. Dear Rahman, welcome aboard to our group, XSRJK(I), LENGGONG - batch of 1970-75 which is also known as Coolbatch70-75. Great to have you writing, remembering all those sweet momories while we were together during our childhood. Though your stint with us was not long (as you only stayed till Std 3), our colorful momories remained and undeletable. We are all looking forward for our first ever REUNION gathering soon & do hope that we can meet again after 37 years separated! - Khairul (Jie).

  2. Thanks Bro Jie. It is my pleasure and an honour for me to be invited despite not completing my education there. Thank you for dropping by.

    Keep up the great work you are doing at the forum, and oh, all the wonderful pictures of yesteryears that you still keep. Wonderful effort.