Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Driving down memory lane

(HOuston downtown seen while I was driving on I45 South)

In the freezing Houston winter - which is really rare, I drove to League City where we used to call home.

It was a drive down memory lane, if I may phrase it that way.

It is freezing this morning in Houston. In fact the whole of America has been hit with the bitterly cold Arctic Air coming from the North. Minnesota -36, and you are talking about Fahrenheit here. It would be dangerous to stay out at all. The front is moving to the North East, and I certainly hope that that would not jeopardize my travel schedule. I am supposed to take a connecting flight from New York at midnight tonight.

This is our fav souvenir shop at NASA Road 1. Cheaper than what you can get at NASA Sapce Centre Gift Shop. Of course the kids' fav is Astronout's Ice Cream - freeze dry one. (the packet in red below)

Blizzard has disrupted my partner Peter's flight to Chicago yesterday. He had to stay overnight and missed his jury duty on Tuesday. I am really sure he didn't miss that jury duty, if you know what I mean. :-)
Anyway, seeing the suburbs where a very young Arif (7 years old) and Akmal (4) used to roam certainly brings back the memories of the good old days. And of course, then this blogger was not as old!

1 Signature Point League City, TX. Our home while in Houston. This is the place the kids would wait for their yellow bus that would take them to their school - all for free. We didn't for anything for them to go to school. No school fees, not bus fare, no books to buy.

Just when I am about to acclimatize -- both in term of time zones and weather, the journey starts all over again, this time in reverse order.

1110 NASA Road 1 - This was my office in 1998, and from the office I can see the Johnson Space Centre and Saturn V rocket. And I was not a rocket scientist then, and I am not now.

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