Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Eagle has landed - in Houston

Well actually it was the Big Bird (and not the eagle), and it was summer yesterday in mid-winter Houston.

Nonetheless Houston, we don't have a problem with the weather. It is no different from evening weather in Kuala Lumpur. But being crammed in the small seat with over 400 other passenger in a Big Bird (a 747) like herd of cows was something I don't really enjoy at this age. But I don't have a choice I guess. I am not willing to pay for over the nose business class seat as I don't have a super rich parents to pay for the tickets.

Today's high is 73, at least 120 F higher than Alaska - according to the news, and it feels like summer while driving from Bush Intercontinental through Beltway to NASA Parkway (right in front of NASA Space Centre). I thought my winter clothing in my bag would be useless, taking up precious space and weight, especially when returning.

But the cold front from North is coming tonight and this weekend it will be low 40s as the high. 

Now we are talking!

Should I be heading to Conroe Factory Outlets tomorrow?

In the meantime, I nearly did not find the NASA souvenier shop, the half price bookstore; but Putt Putt car racing is still around. But no NASA ice cream, Arif, Akmal; they ran out of stock. I think it has been out of stock since our Malaysian space tourist Sheikh Muszaphar went to space! :-)

I have the pics, but no cable to upload. Internet at this cheap Microtel is FREE, and damn fast. Much faster than what I had seen in Malaysia. What ever money can buy!

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