Friday, January 23, 2009

They do care for their children, don't they?

This would be a boring video actually. Nothing much happening; but fact the fact that not much was happening happening is the very reason I want to highlight it in my blog.

I do wish we could follow their civility. Here in Houston, when you see a school bus with a blinking light stop, every single car on both sides would stop! No two ways about it. You are talking about both sides of the road. It does not matter if the children is not crossing the road to the other side as in this video. You have to stop. It does not matter if you have an urgent appointment (with the Prime Minister) or if the bus is going to take 5 minutes for the kids to disembark.

You will have to wait until they are all done.

All in the name of safety of their children. The Americans do care.

Unlike us Malaysians!

In Malaysia, they are only schoolchildren. They have no right crossing the road. Bring on the lori-lori hantu and let's have their brains splattered all over the road.

Nevermind, we are in Malaysia. Supposedly better than the Mat Sallehs.

This was taken at NASA Road 1, facing West, so I got the sun in my eyes, so to speak. Once at League City, coming in late to the office, I was doing 40 in 20-km school zone, I was stopped by a policeman. Honestly after late night at the office, I was more like Zombie driving that morning. He let me off after my explanation, especially after seeing my (then) Malaysian driving license and since that day, I am always wary of the school zone. You better be driving 20 mph or else!

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