Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I used to live in Paradise II

Kuala Abang, in between Rantau Abang and Teluk Bidara/Tanjung Jara.

I wrote in my blog, more than a year ago (July 8, 2007), about the two East Coast states that I used to live and work in, many years ago in my entry "I used to live in Paradise".

While I do frequent Kerteh in the course of my work, I seldom bother to venture further up North.

But I did this this CNY holidays at the request of Mak who wants to visit KT.

It was a good holiday albeit one with worry about the hotel since we didn't plan it what-so-ever. We could be left out with a place to stay on Sunday as all the hotels in KT were fully booked.

Recession? What recession?

Anyway, the kids and I now have a new toy - a Nikon D90, and here are our latest view about the paradise we left behind to be at earthly KL .

I am not sure how did I make the choice in the early 90s.

This is view of Seberang Pintasan, over looking Dungun, taken from Teluk Bidara.
This is Marang, taken from our moving car. I like the coconut trees framing the picture. All pictures were taken by Arif.

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