Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tempat Jatuh Lagi Dikenang

I guess it goes without saying, and there is no need for me to complete the above saying.

Welcome friends from SRJK(I) Lenggong, and thank you for having a space for this blogger even when he didn't complete his childhood education at Lenggong. I guess as I have said in the 'rumah', I have been reminiscing alone in my blog on the many aspects of my life; and I must admit stories from Lenggong have been quite significant in my walking down memory lane albeit alone.

I guess with the creation of a "rumah" for batch 70-75, he is not walking alone anymore(much as I hate using the slogan from the arch enemy of Man U)! ;-)

Let me summarized some entries related to our school, Lenggong, our teachers. I have to say too that I have not included many stories that involved us all. It is tough trying to remember those years on my own - alone. Just click on the entry below.

BTW if you don't remember me , read the following entry on the subject - not that it will make any difference, anyway!

Feel free to browse the mind and thought of RahmanHariri through this blog - not that it would have any bearing on anyone, or anything.

Dunia tetap berputar, with or without his blog!

Oh and please, take what I say in those entries with a pinch of salts. I tend to look at those years with myopic eyes and views.


Anyone has the pic of Class 3A (1972)? I remember us taking the photo, and I remember coming back during schoolholidays in 1973 to pick up the pic from Cikgu Faridah at her house in Kampung Sira. But that pic is long gone.

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