Monday, June 9, 2008

Duet of the two brothers

This is the very reason I love music and the very reason I love my two kids so much. Look at the two of them so full of concentration and in harmony with each other playing the PRamlee's classic Getaran Jiwa as a duet.

For two teenagers to be proficient with such oldies, despite it being a classic, at this time and age, is close to unthinkable. To be honest, for teens to be seen performing such repertoire, it could be mind boggling.

For for these two brothers, it was an honour to be playing his songs at the wedding. It provided a touch of elegance to the wedding and differentiate this wedding from many others.

And I got to record this moment in time in my own blog.

As I have said before, yours truly was a self appointed music director for the wedding this time around. It is an easy task, and he got to choose his own music.

The dad-cum-music director with his two prodigies ;-) getting ready during the wedding. All dressed up for the occasion.

Aah, surely beats listening to other people's selection. ;-)

The only thing that he had to do was to fork out some devalued ringgit in his wallet to buy guitar amps for Akmal.
Chemical engineer turned sound engineer. Beyond turning the knobs, he knows nothing else about sound and music. He was advised to not give up his day job! ;-)

And he has his kids to thank for, for they provided the wedding reception with a touch of elegance with live renditions of some of the more memorable PRamlee's love songs for the bride and the groom and the guests. That statement was not mine but told to me by one the guests.

The bride and the groom listening to the song performed by the Brother Two.
During the luncheon, Akmal had performed solo on the romantic song "Romanza" on guitar, followed by duet with this brother on violin on "Getaran Jiwa", "Bahasa Cinta" (or Tiada Kata Secantik Bahasa), "Bunga Melor" and "Tunggu Sekejap" before Arif doing a piano solo on "Winter Sonata."

For the guests, they had performed Uda dan Dara, Madah Pujangga, Tunggu Sekejap, Ibu a duet with Akmal performing a solo on Milongga.

This one for the general guests.

We had inquiries from the guests about this two brothers and how much would be their fee not knowing that they are part of the wedding family. May be they could be doing gigs at wedding as a hobby and getting paid for them. I had my Std 3 teacher Cikgu Faridah congratulating us on the excellent repertoire. "Now I know why you all went to the Idris Sardi's concert," she said. She later confessed to me that she had been trying to get her childrens to take up music but to no avail. I told her I didn't push them, but they took up music at their own accord.

Both of them know how to play two instrument, the other instrument being piano.

Thank you Arif and Akmal; you should know that I am so proud of the two of you.

Great job guys.


  1. Hope my two sons will follow yours.

  2. Dr, to be honest, I am not sure whether mine should be the benchmark ;-) In his case, he declared in Std 2 that he wanted to learn the violin - out of the blue actually to me. I told him to take up piano first. That he did with gutso and then took up violin.

    I am sure with a little bit of encouragement, yours would do as well or better than mine. Have they started taking up music? One thing I ahve learned is that they can never too young or too old to take up music. Anyway...