Monday, June 23, 2008

Assorted pictures at the conference

Opening scene. The blogger was only a back bencher!

Dr Peng & Dr Marco combined to answer a difficult thermo question! ;-)

Participants getting ready for group photography

Dr Peng with the bunting carrying his name

The council of associates in a meeting at the restaurant - Hideo-san, Peter and Brent.

The harpist during dinner. She told me the harp can be carried around in her Kancil.

Dr Peng, Peter, Puan Fauziah et al at the dinner.

Some of my international guests at the dinner hosted by this blogger at Saloma.

My Japanese guests on stage with the Saloma dancers. The conference was practically over by then.


  1. wow! interesting!

    it's obvious you had fun.

    must be great to be in such impressive associations.

  2. budakperlihdinewcastleJune 28, 2008 at 6:06 AM

    Blog has been active...again..check it out

  3. Dear sis, it was fun. The problem was to have an intelligent conversation coming out from my mouth! Hahaha.

    Fun is a funny way to describe it. I didnt feel the chore of coming at 7 am and leaving by 11 pm!