Sunday, June 8, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Mas & Hidir

So another one of my sis got married yesterday.

To break away with tradition, this time around, the wedding reception was held at our eldest's in Ampang. It was a bit odd as all the previous wedding receptions, starting with a brother way back in 1986, had always been at our family home in Taiping.

Since that first wedding, we have had 8 weddings there including yours truly.

So it was strange to have a wedding in the Klang Valley, knowing fully well that we are Taipingites through and through. But with no one living or working in Taiping anymore, and with Mak jet setting everywhere nowadays, it would only be prudent that we do it here.

It turned out to be a great decision with the hefty gasoline price increase on Thursday!

Our sis Mastura works at Pan Pacific Glenmarie as a pastry chef.

It started off well at around 12 pm when the uncles and aunties from as far as Taiping started arriving. Soon the guest relatives practically filled up the guest tents in no time. I found this quite rare to have all the relative having lunch under the same tents.

At one time, it looks like the sky was going to fall upon us, but it stopped as soon as it got started. Thanks God for that. I heard from the grapevine that someone had thrown the bride's cloth on the roof to stop the rain! ;-)

At least, itu kata orang tua-tua. I am not sure if there is any scientific explanation to be honest

The wedding itself was a simple wedding, with no bersanding ceremony.

To be honest, most of the arrangement and coordination were done by our eldest sis Shamsiah. I honest don't know how she was able to pull this off. Mak with her travel schedules the preceding months had taken the toll on her and she had been hospitalized at Taiping DH since Monday. She may not have been fit to travel to KL for the wedding, but I guess she had resolved that she would be there for it.

And she was there, during the wedding, except that she was unwell enough to be in the thick of the actions during the reception. Most of the time, she was in her room resting. But in any case, I am glad she is around, as the wedding would not have been a proper wedding without her around.

Yours truly didn't do much except that he was the self appointed music director. We had prepared some wedding songs to be played, but other than that this time around we had some nasyid and keroncong selections to be played. This is easy.

The kids performed a series of songs as a duet (violin and guitar) for the wedding.

The food was good. I was told that the food was light and easy. The meat dish I guess was a favourite to many. In the end, many of us had second helping late on as we didn't have the opportunity early on.

Well thanks to my two bro photographers Zali and Fadhil we have some of the most beautiful wedding pictures taken on our side of a wedding.

From my perspective - one down, two more to go.

Let's enjoy them here.
The bride sedang disolek
The bride in her room, having her pic taken by his bro photographer and with his aunt
The groom arrival close to 2 pm amidst the kompang sounds.
The pengantin spread - it has to be with ayam golek.
The groom's family
The host Shamsiah and Jabar with the couple
Direnjis-renjis dipilis
The newly married couple with mak in her room. I am sure she is glad that Mas is now married. But she is too weak at this moment to bask in the euphoria. Her trips to Australia followed by another Umrah trip are taking the toll on her strength.

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