Friday, June 20, 2008

Would there be another (popular) Equation of State in my lifetime?

So I met the other half of the 'creator' very popular Peng-Robinson Equation of State.

Years ago - eighteen years ago to be precise, I had met with Prof Dr Robinson at the HYSIM Users Conference in Banff Canada. Being the shy engineer that I was at that time - despite representing a big oil company at an international conference, I only took the picture of him while he was dancing with his wife at the conference dinner.

This time around as part of the organizing committee, I had the chance to pick Dr Peng up at the airport, take him out for dinner for a couple of times, and had numerous chats with him especially when everybody else was a bit shy to approach him.

I had asked him during dinner whether there would be another equation of state in my lifetime and whether anyone would ever come up with one. This is a philosophical question after he had told me how he had come up with his EOS as part of an assignment by Dr Robinson.

The other question which I didn't get to ask him was whether there would be an equation of states which would be applicable to all systems; one equation which would describe everything. Kind of the holy grail of 'the theory for everything' for pysicists!

Just imagine, coming up such equation which would be used through out the world, day in day out by chemical engineer, in only 7 months.

I would have to give you his answer in the next entry.

Nonetheless, I believe Dr Peng was a bit surprised to see the adulation and respect given to him by the conference attendees. Quite a few of us we simply in awe of him when they came up to meet up with him; I was privileged to see that as I was with Dr Peng most of the time. Dr Peng, being the very humble person that he is, was dismissive whenever I teased him about his legion of 'fans'.

No doubt many of the young chemical engineers present at the conference left with indellible mark in their mind. I do hope that that will give them enough impetus to try and emulate him in their chosen fields.

This blogger with Prof Dr Peng and Prof Dr Satyro - both Canadians at the end of the conference. Our chemical engineers should try to emulate the standard set by these two renowned thermodynamists. This was once in a lifetime chance for me to have this picture. I was told by my Japanese counterpart that our Japanese guests specifically attended the conference to hear Dr Peng's speech!


I wonder why we (Malaysia) are not producing world-class engineers. This blogger know he is not. For all the shortcoming Dr Satyro has been telling me about universities and education in Brazil, he is a product of Uni of Sao Paolo before completing his PhD at the Uni of Calgary. But what have we, as Malaysian chemical engineers come up with that would make us known to the world?

I can't think of any.

What's your opinion on this Prof (at Newcastle)? What should we do to produce world class engineers with our own product lines to sell to the world?


  1. budakperlihdinewcastleJune 21, 2008 at 7:39 PM

    Jealousnya!!!! If I was there, I would tebalkan muka to ask Dr Peng and Dr Satyro for a picture or two. Well, for your question, I have an idea why it doesn't happen in Malaysia, but it is the long one..nanti cerita dalam email..still waiting for your email though!!

  2. Hehehe, jangan jeles. Nanti next conference kita panggil Luyben ke Praustniz pulak! OK I would like to here your opinion on this.

    Oh I owe a reply, is it? Sorry la Prof. Been too tight recently. Ni pun curi masa je ni.