Sunday, June 8, 2008

The faces at the Wedding

Now that we have gotten the pics of the bride and the groom out of the way hahaha, let's look at the supporting crew who had been playing their role in no small part in making the wedding reception a success.

My three nieces had even done their hairs for the occasion! Nyaris tak colour blond for Alyaa and Sophia.

Where would wedding be without the kids and the bunga telur gals?

And what good would be a wedding reception without having relatives and friends gracing the occasion, right? We are pleased with the turnout and are thankful that they had come.

Sometimes wedding, as I have said before is a good way to meet up with relatives. We should have at least
one wedding a year.

Mak with her sis and bro in law. One of the rare occasion that she was able to get up.

Having their meals at the wedding

Pak Cik Rosli

PC Rus

This is Alif with his dad.

Uncle Jabar sorting out Akmal's samping. Mana ada kids nowadays yang tau ikat samping!

The cousins

Madiha and friends

The youngest of the Hariri family - Fatimah

Again, the cousins enjoying the occasion

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