Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Taiping banjir?

Now these two words do not go together especially in a sentence.

Taiping may be the wettest town in Malaysia, but unlike Kota Bharu or Johor Bahru, this is not a town that will be flooded because of rains. Let it rain all night long, may it rains cats and dog, but the greenery of Taiping would be able to absorb any amount of rain.

At least I have never experienced it in the nearly half century of my life.

Until I returned home yesterday afternoon and was greeted by news that our family home in Sri Kota, Taiping was flooded to about knee high.

There goes our family heirloom - whatever remaining of the family pics until it was syphoned out of home by a certain sister(s) thinking that they, and only them, owned the right to the family pictures. Now even that may be gone.

Aah, well. Lotsa clean up to do tomorrow.

Will update once I reach Taiping tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Rahman,
    There must be a lot of development around Taiping to make it flood prone. Man are careless with nature and nature takes it's turn to unleash its wrath.
    Hope everything is OK.