Monday, July 7, 2008

Protes, jangan tak protes


So I got a phone called at 7 am last Sunday from my bro Zali. He was about to go to Kelana Jaya to take photo of the protest, and asked me if I am joining. Unfortunately I have a 8 am breakfast meeting with a former boss of mine to see if he could join forces with me to complete some projects, and at 10 am I was to see a piece of land in Langat.

So I had to say no. I know I don't have weekends anymore, but while I didn't plan it that way, I guess it does look like they were just excuses. I guess I don't want to be hit with the tear gas again.

I do agree that the price rise is inevitable; that I am myself more prudent in using the car after the gasoline price increase. But I guess the government could do a bit more for the ordinary rakyat and help them cope with the inflation.

So here are some pictures taken by my aircraft technician bro. As usual, excellent photo bro. You captured it quite well. And I am quite glad he is still in one piece as I want to him to take pictures of signing ceremony on Thursday.

PS I am waiting for my red shirt! Got the yellow already in the cupboard.

Where is my Lady in Red (Chris de Burgh)? Here only the guys are wearing red!

Apa pun, solat Maghrib jangan lupa

A very serious looking gentleman in red

Hey you! Yeah, you!

Uncle Kit in his normal style giving a speech. May be he is trying to challenge Karam Singh Walia.

Dr Lo Lo

Aah, priceless I guess to have taken the picture with the Blog King, RPK.


  1. best...thanks for publishing the fotos inside ur blog..
    yepss...the fotos with RPK is priceless...
    p/s-so sorry lah, when i came there for the night event, the red shirt sudah sold out...

  2. To describe being photographed next to RPK as priceless is plain silly and stupid. First of all, WHO IS RPK? He is not an important man worth to be remembered in nation-building. For all we know he is one useless Malay prince willing to affirm untrue statements for purposes only he knows best. To see a man is to see his wife. Looking at his spouse, RPK is less a Muslim let alone a Malay. That man and his photo is not worth even a qurter of a sen.

  3. Dear Anon, to you your view and to me mine.