Friday, July 11, 2008

The day I get to use a Mont Blanc pen

I didn't plan for this when I resigned from the North American software company that I have worked for for 11 years, more than 3 years ago. I thought I would try my luck at business after working for other people all my life.

When the company I partnered with ran out of cash (within six months), I decided to cut my losses and do things on my own, from my garage. I relied on small consulting jobs to keep the next meal coming. In the meantime, I kept on pounding, hoping that someone would see what I saw in the products and services I am carrying.

But they never seems to be forthcoming.

I lost one project - "We have a preferred vendor," so I am told. Then lost another.

I was beginning to wonder if I had made the right choice. May be I am suited to being just another employee in a small organization. May be I m not good enough. Doubt was beginning to creep in into my mind.

But I guess, it is third time lucky, though I would like to believe that it is more than just being lucky. I think this is rezeki from Allah for persevering so long. Rezeki memang ditangan Illahi. Beyond that, I believe in the product I am selling, and I would like to think that I am passionate about it.

As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours.

So, here I was yesterday at a signing ceremony with my biggest client thus far. I didn't expect them to be wanting to have it so official with a signing ceremony at a five-star hotel, but the customer is always right, right?

I could use some of the publicity myself; that's for sure!

Serious business - this job is the last defence of billions dollars worth of assets for this client of ours. So much is at stake with the strokes of two pens, especially when they are Mont Blanc. Unfortunately I didn't get to keep the pen!

I used to work under him in my previous life (he was my department manager) more than twenty years ago when I was a rookie process (chemical) engineer in Terengganu. Now he is a datuk and a vice president of a Fortune Global 500 company. So it is an honour to be accepting this contract from him. I am in cloud nine to be honest. But I do realize the heavy responsibility that comes with it.

And I guess there was no favour what-so-ever since I had to undergo two bidding processes over a one year period! I guess it is more satisfying this way.

Yours truly with his five minutes worth of fame addressing very senior executives of this Fortune Global 500 company. Of course many in the audience were ex-colleagues from the late 80s who have themselves risen up the rank.

10th of July 2008 - that's going to be high up there in my small universe.

PS Thanks to Bro Zali for the fine pictures.


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  2. Wow! Congratulations!!!!!

    It must be great to be in your shoes now.

    i'm sure the responsibility is great too.

    Anyway, glad to see and read your struggles and recent success. Keep it up!

    p/s: wow, an interview proposal next?! go bro go!

  3. Why you are being considered as 'notable' Pakistani blogger (as the first comment goes), is quite mysterious for me. Anyway, well done bro. This is a very big step from the first time we met nearby sawah padi in Perlis circa 2006. Mont Blanc look good on you. Both of you completed each other.

  4. Wow, I didn't expect it to be so grand...I guess Datuk signed the VMG Alliance docs using kilometrico pen je...Good luck in your new venture. I'm pretty sure we can also contribute in the new area.


  5. Congrats Bro

    "kalau tak pecahkan ruyung, mana nak dapat sagunya" - I guess one year discussion, up and down the stairs (or what it lift?) and eventually the agreement and business..... expected more to come and it is indeed rezeki from HIM

    congrats again!

  6. Dear Ghazala,

    Unfortunately I am not Pakistani, nor am I notable! Thank you for the offer anyway.

    Dear sis Farah, thank you. It is a relieved for sure after all the struggle.

    Dear Prof, I would remember the days at the paddy field for sure, and thank you then for believing in me in the early days. In fact I remember the late afternoon jogging in that kampung behind the hotel with the sweet smelling kemboja dotting the graveyards there. It was very priceless then Prof.

    Dear Hcube, thank you. Actually for us whether it is kilometrico or mont blanc, the most important thing is the signature! ;-)

    Dear Rashi, yes, turun naik giving presentation to anyone who would listen. Alhamdulillah.