Saturday, July 19, 2008

The "Talk talk, sing sing" Songs

As one would have probably noticed, I do enjoy relaxation by listening to music, especially those of the yesteryears. I could just seat on my sofa, and immersed myself with good music.

But today's music is really lousy. The local music scene is dead as far as I am concerned. It is burried deep with the proliferation of oldies radio stations in the country. First it was Rima, which is the predecessor of Klasik Nasional, and Sinar, and Light and Easy.

Anyone can tell me a song worth mentioning hitting our airwaves at this moment? No?

I remember in the late 80s (and early 90s) when I was living in Dungun (pronounced Dungeon by outsider like me), in the era of rock music, some of them beautiful ballad to be honest. One song that caught my attention then was this English song that I don't know the name of the singer nor the title of the song.

A sister of mine went looking for it in the CD shop and described it to the sales girl as the "talk talk, sing, sing" song. I am not sure if she managed to locate it.

A Malay song from 1977 also fits the bill as the "talk talk sing sing" song. Then again may be they should be "Talk Sing Talk Sing" song!

To me both of them are beautiful songs that I have memorized the lyric of the song, even the talking part, even being able to mimic the intonation of the voice.

Here I present to you; from 1977, a song from the debut EP of Sudirman, Suratku Yang Ini, and from the late 80s (I understand it was released in 1986 but hit the Malaysian market much later though), from Viktor Lazlo, Stories.

Stories - Viktor Lazlo

I remember quite clearly now when this story happened.
The autumn leaves were floating and measured down to the ground
Recovering the lake where we use to swim like children
On the sun would dare to shine.
That time, we used to be happy
Well, I thought we were,
But the truth was that you had been longing to leave me,
Not daring to tell me
On that precious night watching the lake, vaguely conscious
You said: Our story was ending.

Now I'm standing here
No one to wipe away my tears,
No one to keep me warm
And no one to walk along with,
No one to make me feel
No one to make me while,
OH! What am I to do?
I'm standing here alone,
It doesn't seem so clear to me
What am I supposed to do about this burning, heart of mine
OH! What am I to do?
Or how should I react?
OH! Tell me please!

The rain was killing the last days of Summer
You had been killing my last breath of love
Since a long time ago
I still don't think I am gonna make it through another love story
You took it all away from me
And there I stand,
I knew I was gonna be the .....The one left behind.
But still I'm watching the lake, vaguely conscious
And I know....
My life is ending

Suratku Yang Ini (Sudirman/1977)
(Din Osman/Habsah Hassan)

sayang suratku yang ini
bukanlah untuk memujuk engkau kepangkuanku
cuma sekadar melahirkan kebingunganku
terhadap fasafah cintamu yang hanya agung dibibir
oh sampai menusuk kesudut hati
sungguh sayang janjimu bak lautan yang dalam
tapi tiada bertepi
dan aku hairan mengapa aku saja yang derita akhirnya
Hingga ke saaat ini
kata-kata manismu masih bermain ditelingaku

hati kasih sayang rindu
terhimpun seluruhnya bagi mu sayang
ingatlah janjiku inipanas hujan angin ribut
tak mungkin memisahkan kau dari ku
inilah sumpah setiaku

sayang diriku ini
mengapalah tanpa ujudnya cinta mu amat lemah dan resah
Tapi kau usah bimbang
bukan simpati yang ku pinta dari mu
diam sendiri membawa satu cerita
bahasanya hanya aku saja yang mengerti
aku catitkan dia atasa suratku yang ini
kenangan manis kita dalam restuku

EPILOGUE (Updated July 20)

Errr, I think I need to put a disqualifier here. The Sudir song was written in 1977 by Habsah Hassan, and I have read it somewhere that the poem was read by his childhood sweetheart and future wife. I have nothing to do with it, and it is not a reflection of my life story lah! I just enjoy this song; she sounds so fragile.

On the other hand, driving across part of Terengganu from Dungun to Kerteh, I have enjoyed this song Stories. Just like the Sudir song, I love the composition of the song. But it is slightly flawed in the sense that the change in tempo and instrument (from piano to keyboard) didn't sync with the storyline.

In fact, both sound so fragile.


  1. Hey! i've heard of this song before!!

    But IT IS such a SAD and DEPRESSIVE song.

    Why? You are not happy eh?

    I thought you have such great responsibilties after your brush with a mont blanc pen?

  2. Ayoyo, my dear sis, don't interpret my entry la. The song is from 86, and supposedly this is a blog for me to reminisce. It is not supposed to have anything to do with me now, though at times I do hijack it and slot in contemporary issues.

    Things could not have been better for me right now.

    I love sad songs; if only it tells me that there are others who have a worse life than whatever problem one may encounter.

    And this song has not been played in Light n EZ or KL KL enough, if at all, so I thought I should highlight these two songs which are quite different from the others. Listen to the arrangement; listen to the flute and piano. Lovely.

    OK lah next entry I will make sure I will have my picture with me smiling from ear to ear!

  3. hahahahahahhhahhhaha!!!! suspen jugak ko yeeee.....

    by the way, i looooooveeeeeee interpreting things around me, including people, especially behaviours. it's part of my job.

    ok, good to know you ARE happy.